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  1. Football Manager Handheld 2012 Support & F.A.Q.
  2. Keep getting error message when about to download the data
  3. "Error Couldn't install on USB or SD card"
  4. Colour display issue
  5. Too many goals
  6. Issue loading game (even after reboot)
  7. Error remembering data when loading game
  8. Android Crash on exit
  9. A few small bugs
  10. FMH 2012 unable to start
  11. Football Manager Handheld (Android) - 3.5 Update
  12. Mistakes in commentary
  13. Cant install
  14. HTC Desire S - Played one season now wont load.
  15. Battery drains really fast
  16. Liverpool FC finances
  17. Football Manager Handheld 2012 (error when updating)
  18. Game won't load after install and downloaded data
  19. Loan player wage contribution changing
  20. Wrong stats for passes in the match
  21. I have no teams to select.
  22. Condition draining issue in every match..
  23. Error in pre-match odds news article
  24. Team Instuctions - are not correctly saved
  25. Attendances too high for Wembley non-league finals
  26. Can't start new season!
  27. Load Game option not available following "crash"
  28. Incompatible on HTC Desire HD A9191?
  29. Cannot start downloading, not a space related problem
  30. Cannot open after download
  31. Samsung note problem after download.
  32. No more orginal player names?
  33. app will not download
  34. cannot install fmh 2012 or get refund
  35. Game does not install!
  36. Game installed and worked fine... now can't load or start a new game
  37. Fmh2012 could bot be downloaded due to an error.(941)
  38. Not able to Load
  39. Can't exit on 3.4a
  40. Can no longer open FM after updating
  41. update crash?
  42. Black Option Bar covering significant part of the screen
  43. Substitution issue
  44. screen on sony tablet s after later update
  45. HD skin tweaks needed...
  46. Can't save or load tactics
  47. Bug: can't go to match
  48. BSN to League 1.. Unable to ever find players outside of UK and Ireland
  49. Game wont open :-(
  50. buttons not responding on ics version
  51. no images just a white screen
  52. how to arrange friendly match
  53. qHD skin?
  54. Couple of text issues and gameplay issue and an Ask...
  55. Cannot purchase from Google play store
  56. Too many promoted youth players
  57. Game Wont Open
  58. HTC DESIRE HD Android handheld 2012 no refund no game install
  59. error "proceso com.sigames.fmhi process" ?????
  60. Can't get tutorial dude to go away
  61. SD Card / Save Game issues on Android
  62. Game won't open
  63. USA HTC EVO Shift 4G phone game will not start
  64. Updates?
  65. fmh 2012 error
  66. Can't get past 06/07/2014.
  67. "View" screen is
  68. Some Observations
  69. Players Fouling Themselves
  70. FMH unable to start on HTC Desire S
  71. Setting Player Roles
  72. FM Handheld 2012 donīt work!!!!
  73. [BUG] FM2012 Shutdowns down when processing data for 10 Dec 2012
  74. FMH won't work
  75. I can't see the text everwhere
  76. Few bugs
  77. Shortlist problems
  78. No english league option?
  79. Graphic Issues When Watching Match in Zoom Mode
  80. FMH 2012 does not work on Asus Transformer Pad TF300
  81. marc: offer in for player, again, no chance to accept offer, player stays
  82. Update issue
  83. Pre-contracts
  84. More so in the league and the state can
  85. Game freeze and buttons unresponsive
  86. Lots of goals from corners
  87. Brought this game for Samsung Galaxy S2
  88. Don't work in full screen
  89. samsumg galaxy fhm 2012 not working
  90. Android version custom team logos
  91. Glitches with the 2D Match Engine
  92. Cant save/delete tactics or delete saved games
  93. Please add qHD resolution for Android
  94. Discrimination in the iPhone and Android?
  95. Unrealistic Value (at least for me)
  96. not fullscreen on orange san diego/xolo x900/megafon intel phone
  97. Request online or wireless battle for Football Manager Handheld.
  98. cant install on nexus7
  99. Not full screen on Acer iconia tab a 700
  100. compatability
  101. Galaxy Tab 7.7 (GT-P6800) cannot run FMH
  102. fmh 2012 not playing
  103. Football Manager Handheld 2013 Support & F.A.Q.
  104. 1st Run Crash
  105. taking forever to instal
  106. Running at full screen - unbranded tablet
  107. How do I download the large version after I already downloaded basic?
  108. Samsung tab2 10.1
  109. Google Nexus 7 problem with FM13
  110. installation crash
  111. Will the number of supported device get increased?
  112. htc desire install problem
  113. HTC Desire FMH 2013 Install Problem
  114. Nexus 7 Achievements and store
  115. Unlockable "Buy Now" in-app purchase button not working
  116. Problem with point classification
  117. FMH 13 unable to start.
  118. Android Tablet load Issue FM13
  119. Freeze on Team Formation
  120. fmh13 starting employed
  121. download data on samsung galaxy
  122. The problem with Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
  123. FHM 2013 android unlockable purchasing issues
  124. Not installing on Samsung Galaxy Xcover
  125. FMH 2013 Android - Loading multiple leagues
  126. Problems on installing FMH2013 on Asus Transformer, Android v3.2.1
  127. Can't run FMH13 in full screen
  128. Fm13 wont start... Desperate to play, please help... Urgently!!!
  129. FMH 2013 versus 7
  130. FM 13 Handheld won't start on android tablet
  131. not enough memory??
  132. How to manually install skins - FMH2013
  133. No player images on android. samsung galaxy ace 2
  134. Instalation failure on Samsung Galaxy GT-S7500
  135. installation issues with fm13 on android
  136. fm 2013 handheld on cnm touchpad 7inch not working
  137. Orientation for FMH13?
  138. issue with downloading data on arnova 10d
  139. Alcatel T10 not running full screen
  140. FM Handheld 2013 - Unable to load saved data
  141. Help!
  142. Football manager 2013 does not work on my device
  143. kindle fire hd problems with loading football manager
  144. ineligible player for match...but player isn't even selected in squad
  145. FMH 2012 Club logos won't load and..
  146. #2013 - Achievements record disappears!
  147. NOTE: Versus and CnM Touchpads
  148. fm2013
  149. Deleted folders from corrupted game not there when reinstalled?
  150. Large black border around game
  151. Installation error, please help!
  152. unable to load save data
  153. Upgrading training facilities doesn't register with reserves/ B teams?
  154. Purchase problem
  155. Possible grayed out players bug
  156. Missing Youth Academy
  157. Unable to load save
  158. Super Goalies
  159. Sugar daddy without pay
  160. galaxy tablet match working in commentary only. only intermediate pitch view
  161. FMH not working on Galaxy Tab 7 after 4.1 update
  162. Game screen shrunk after update
  163. Game not loading following purchase
  164. FMH won't work on Kindle Fire.
  165. Cannot update to 4.1
  166. Problem with Update
  167. Device Soft Buttons Hidden - Latest Version
  168. Problem with save game
  169. Screen When AWoL on MDPI Devices
  170. Where is Galatasaray?
  171. No Commentary Text - Matches Always Appear to End 0-0
  172. Crashes on Google Nexus 10
  173. continuous game
  174. Can't install to USB storage or SD card!
  175. unlockables disappeared after update android
  176. Corrupted download
  177. Twitter login causes FMH to crash (Motorola Milestone)
  178. Sugar Daddy purchased unlockable
  179. Game crashes periodically
  180. App isn't installed, cannot upgrade to latest version
  181. Didnt operate in fullscreen, tried reinstalling but now not compatible
  182. Game uninstalls when phone restarts
  183. can't load saved games or start new one
  184. not able to access english leagues
  185. Game not installing data following update
  186. 4.2 Update player names problem
  187. cant load the game corrupt download...
  188. game wont load
  189. [4.2 Update] Corrupted Player Names
  190. Screen becomes small box after initial loading splash screen
  191. resolution issue
  192. Game wont launch
  193. Game won't launch
  194. installation Problems
  195. 17 year old player retires!
  196. wont load since update
  197. FMH13 Crash
  198. Unable to load save data -- FMH 2013 Android
  199. Unable to purchase via playstore
  200. Kindle Fire HD version - load up date and now wont load
  201. Asus transformer pad tf700 kl
  202. Crash on captain selection
  203. installed update on kindle fire now game wont run
  204. problems with loading the saved game
  205. FHM 2013 Cannot load saved game and cannot start a new game
  206. Difference in player profile between languages
  207. Cant switch back to full screen on HTC One
  208. Loosing my app
  209. Cant open save game and in game buttons don't work
  210. Can't use unloackables after Jelly Bean Update
  211. Game has started to freeze
  212. please fix , i cannot enter the game ,i have paid for this game
  213. Local players not selected for the National team!
  214. player role issue
  215. Board Conference issues applied to all of my save files.
  216. Cant download the Basic Data, says there is an error
  217. In store purchasing
  218. Player Snubs, can't renegotiate contract.
  219. On reinstall getting following error message "FMH2013 unable to start" (Device Samsung SIII)
  220. Not being informed that a player from reserves is being promoted
  221. my fm 13 handheld wont work
  222. football manager unable to start
  223. Nexus 7 data download after installing the App
  224. samsung galaxy 2 tab fail
  225. Football Manager Handheld 2013 not installing
  226. Contract Negotiations
  227. No Germany Team in my game
  228. currupted autosave file
  229. unable to load
  230. Try a demo version on PC?
  231. All matches end in 0-0 draw even when goals are scored
  232. FHM2013 unable to start on Galaxy Note II
  233. Annoying Bugs....
  234. cant confirm player transfers, and am notified to agree transfer twice/day
  235. doesnt install unlockable on android
  236. unable to load game data
  237. FMH13 Won't load saved games
  238. Achievements Gone !!
  239. android 4.3 update has wiped fm2012 from my nexus
  240. Galaxy Note II - White Screen
  241. FMH 2012 unable to start
  242. sugar daddy error
  243. Galaxy Tab II Help
  244. after purchase not installing on sd or my device which is a samsung s4
  245. Hidden saved games
  246. Continually conceding immediately after scoring a disallowed goal (players out of position?)
  247. Bug with Australian Finals Series
  248. Crash dump on Android with latest version 4.3
  249. Copa Libertadores/International Friendly Scheduling Clash
  250. Game closes when in match commentry starts