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  1. Editor crashing on launch
  2. FM 2012 - Downloading The Editor
  3. BSN/BSS/Regional Premier Div Play-Offs
  4. International rules Issue
  5. [Mac Issue] "You can't open the application Editor because it is not supported on this OS"
  6. Editor stopped working on Windows
  7. Transfer Window Issue
  8. Regional League and European qualification issues.
  9. Did Not Find Font Resources Issue
  10. Away kits becoming all black
  11. Issue with invalid dates when using 'league with split'
  12. Issue with Belgian basic comps file
  13. A couple of glitches
  14. Where is FM 2012 Editor
  15. Points deductions not taken into account for European places
  16. Can't start a new game with an edited database
  17. replacing the default training schedules
  18. Can't open editor
  19. League "Rules Tab" wrong Finish Date
  20. Conflict in 2 Division State Brazil
  21. Nation Rules, Turkey
  22. In .XML Squad Registration Rules appear right, in .DBC appear wrong (bug)
  23. Editor 2012 has stopped working?
  24. Editor bug
  25. Position column in People view
  26. Editor
  27. a few questions about potential edits
  28. Has anyone made a All EU countries part of EU XML file with editor?
  29. Editor won't load
  30. Can't change nationality
  31. Editor problems
  32. Issue with adding B teams
  33. International: Manager only called up two players
  34. Issue with linking to player records
  35. Editor Data not being read correctly
  36. FM12 - No Carling Cup/League Cup
  37. Asian Champions League register players bug.
  38. Editor for Mac?
  39. FM12 - Competition-specific kits not working
  40. Font error opening editor
  41. Option unavailable for cup histories.
  42. Selecting multiple clubs and regional divsions
  43. New nation and some other questions
  44. Issue click player profile with edited data
  45. (Problem with Editor) Issue with news teams in lower Portugese Leagues
  46. editor keeps crashing
  47. Crash changing supporter types in editor and loading into FM
  48. Missing font?
  49. What's this???
  50. My Editor Is All Green. Need Help
  51. USA not included in nations list and
  52. Cannot Load Editor up on two machines
  53. Issue with the Editor Please Read Here First
  54. Black Screen on Editor?
  55. network game with edited database
  56. Editor will not load database.
  57. How to playable Yugoslavia ?
  58. [USA] Can't add playoffs to USL-PDL
  59. Yearly International Competitions never start first season + other bugs
  60. Created player with editor, achievments and biography does not update
  61. Generating dbc files from edt files containing media sources/journalists
  62. Problem with 2 and 3 team
  63. Goalkeeper Kits Problem/ Glitch
  64. Expanded USA structure causes game crash in 2013
  65. 102 year career for a 21 year old !
  66. Crash on launch
  67. Nation Rules, Ukraine.Unregistered play
  68. Loan Rules Issue
  69. New Create Player person type change bug?(It is not displayed in the changes list. )
  70. Created Agent keeps disappearing
  71. fm2012 editor help
  72. Changing kick off times
  73. Squad registration rules becoming match rules in game
  74. 2011 Editor Already Running
  75. Crash Dump, October 2011, Edited database
  76. Black Screen on Editor (Windows)
  77. Silly question about database.
  78. appearing in two clubs
  79. Editor 2012 has stopped working
  80. Real international squads
  81. FA Cup/Carling Cup matches never on TV
  82. Edit Squad Numbers in FM 12
  83. Editor not working.
  84. Balance differs between editor and game
  85. Editor was working but isnt anymore. Is it the patch?
  86. Promotion/relegation of reserve teams
  87. I don`t know how to convert the changes into my game
  88. Turkish Lower Leagues - Fixtures not generating in the whole system from 2013/2014 season
  89. Editor loads empty database
  90. Editor opens weird screen....
  91. english level 7 level 8 editing problem
  92. Transfer Embargo Ignored
  93. Issues with Brazilian State Lower Divisions
  94. Squar Registration Rules U21 Players Only
  95. Issue with nation rules - relegation/promotion playoffs between divisions
  96. Team colour defaults to blue?
  97. Hello!!!!!
  98. Crash Logged to channel by starting new game
  99. Second/Third/Fourth Team Issues
  100. Data Editor doesn't work!
  101. Two files which shouldn't be conflicting
  102. match calendar made i the editor doesn't work in the game
  103. fm2012: Custom Awards
  104. FM2012: Custom Competition/League
  105. Champions league and europe league matches are played in a same day
  106. Problem with relegation playoff in custom league
  107. Problem with several customized league
  108. Unable to change FCP to Porto and SLB to Sporting Lisbon
  109. Problem with Starting a new Game
  110. Enabling Lower Level Italian Leagues
  111. Use stadium for all National Team U21 matches
  112. Database personalized problems with network
  113. Resource Archiver 2012 has stopped working
  114. Relegation Playoff Choosing Wrong Sides
  115. Editing competition history
  116. Version Question
  117. The hidden attributes also evolve / decrease over the course of the game?
  118. B Team manager offering players
  119. International Fixture Problem
  120. Journalists don't appear in the game
  121. "Warning: did not find font resource: fonts/helveticaneueots" Error
  122. Require minimum teams: found only
  123. 1ST JANUARY 2012 crash - editor db -
  124. Cant edit !
  125. how do i give a lower league team a massive wage budget ?
  126. Nations Leagues is Missing the Teams
  127. Can't Create Zidane in FM2011?
  128. National Stadium Question
  129. Black screen when attempting to window or minimise the editor
  130. Blue Square North/South Promotion Issues...
  131. Missing option, bug and a question
  132. Regionial Divisions won't work when using the advanced Panel
  133. Retirement
  134. Added players to a created team, but they don't show up in the game.
  135. Squad selection deadline date
  136. Crash dumps when running Venezuela, Ecuador or Faroe Islands leagues
  137. Editor Freezing
  138. Editor doesn't load properly since update
  139. Editor since 12.1
  140. Editor Problems
  141. Suggestions for a better Standard editor
  142. [12.1] International fixtures scheduled as neutral
  143. Sorting by squad number is now completely knackered
  144. Editor Display Error *PLEASE HELP*!
  145. [12.1] Competitions that use "random nation from list" uses first listed team first
  146. Create Player Confusion
  147. Downloading an editor
  148. Team's reputation
  149. Trouble after the 12.1 patch
  150. dynamic reputation of leagues does not work when you recreate a champions league
  151. Group Championship with Playoff not saving Champions.
  152. Custom Continental Cups
  153. Portuguese team names
  154. [12.1] Trialists can't play in reserve/youth fixtures
  155. Crash on March 1st
  156. Problem with editor
  157. B team don't promote with no reason
  158. No fixtures in second season :(
  159. Editing Several Nations' Youth Rating Breaks Media Sources
  160. Championship Playoff Problem
  161. Editor Data Issue, I think..
  162. Attribute Template Issue
  163. Green Editor Screen - tried cleaning cache and re installing
  164. Editor won't start
  165. [12/1] Can't add non-child team to a U18 competition
  166. No fixtures in 2nd season
  167. Please look at this thread or move it to bug forum
  168. Editor data files not working.
  169. Can't give "-" value to height, can't save filters
  170. Reserve Teams playing in the same division as First Team
  171. [12.1] If neutral venue is selected, most games will be played at the same ground
  172. Issue with nation rules
  173. Crash dump when beginning new game
  174. need help (not start Editor on MAC)
  175. German competition's colour
  176. Competition Rules Conflict (Registration/Non-Registration Issue)
  177. FM 2012 Editor suddenly not working!! HELP!!
  178. Custom DB game always crashes on 6th March 2012
  179. Strange Editor Problems
  180. Filters can't be saved
  181. XML Not loading Error
  182. Sevilla sock color bug - white can't be changed to black in Editor
  183. [FM 12.1.1]Problem with league record's.
  184. How to activate advanced rules editor in FM 12.1?
  185. Adding relegation
  186. Editor Not Working
  187. Created club B2B promotions and now lost use of stadium....
  188. Editor files acting up
  189. Random position?
  190. French League Registration Issue
  191. 202x Runtime Error
  192. Transfer window
  193. The qualifying system wont work when i put it in.
  194. When i open editor i get this
  195. Created international competitions - the game doesn't ask for the selections
  196. Max Number of Teams That be added to a League
  197. Problem concerning merging (Unique ID is not the same in the xml file).
  198. The data made by an old version cannot be correctly loaded.
  199. no editor
  200. *Possible* issue with fixtures when adding leagues
  201. Green Screen Editor?
  202. Can you use the fmrte to edit a league while you are in a saved game.
  203. New Country Freeze
  204. Edit hall of fame
  205. Edited team not in FA Cup
  206. Run time Error - Again and Again and Again
  207. Where to Find Steam Updates
  208. Editor not working properly after latest update
  209. Football Manager 2012 !NEW UPDATE! *runied my game*
  210. problem with editor - green skin
  211. downloading new leagues help
  212. Problem with foreign players
  213. Editor season help....
  214. League cup never starts when creating a club
  215. Crash/Non-Responds on 12.2
  216. Day of season update
  217. Database Saving
  218. Editor not working since patch 12.2 (PC)
  219. [12.2] Problem with Europa League qualification via FA Cup
  220. Kits and Logo to my fantasy-team?
  221. Kits and Logo to my fantasy-team?
  222. Can't chose what database to edit
  223. Edited York City not allowed to be promoted to Premiership
  224. Quick Help Needed
  225. Help!!
  226. Editor - Mac
  227. Help on Regional Divisions.. New Database being created.
  228. Failed database changes
  229. editor green screen
  230. Different kits for different competitions problem
  231. Altering Already Existing League (Number of teams / relegations / playoffs etc)
  232. Prize Money for Defeat in Group Stage does not work
  233. Cannot use or uninstall editor.
  234. Cant find the data editor can anyone help?
  235. Managing an edited nation
  236. My game crashes on 28th May 2018 please help!
  237. Game wont start with my fantasy leagues
  238. Euro Cup stopped working after editing
  239. Crash - When starting new game
  240. Problem with English 14 level
  241. Football Manager 2012 Russian
  242. Can't get past January 9:th 2014 after patch 12.2.2
  243. Football Manager 2012 stops after trying to start new game with new database.
  244. "Editor 2012 v 12 . 2 . 0 f 256669 quit unexpectedly." on macbook. Tried all fixes
  245. Fm12 Editor not working
  246. Nation Rules Problem
  247. Database causing save game corruption (psycho1970)
  248. Game freezes when I click on any team name...
  249. crash 19th august 2012
  250. Chariman Help Please