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  1. 10 years in and 4-4-2 rules the world
  2. Assman chosses players to incorrect positions.
  3. Scouts can't add multiple regions/world selections despite nice new selection button
  4. Can't use steam, what do i do about demo?
  5. incorrect heights for certain players
  6. Scouting bug
  7. Information missing from player attributes page
  8. Suggestion
  9. [demo] Too low fees for friendlies
  10. Preferred foot not showing
  11. Friendly Fixtures - Conflict with International
  12. [demo] Player changed Id
  13. Tactics selection
  14. Youth players at Champions League Registration
  15. Morale
  16. Duplicated Staff & issues pertaining
  17. [Demo] New assistant asks to arrange a friendly against reserves but one is already
  18. uner 19 european championship
  19. World Player Awards
  20. [DEMO] Changing club names via .lnc files makes the nickname go away
  21. [Demo] Friendly matchs somehow changed
  22. Morale
  23. [DEMO] Milan Injuries
  24. Ass Man suggests new tactic - agreed - not implemented
  25. Playing the wrong match (Freeze)
  26. [Demo] Friendlies not registering properly
  27. Chairmen quitting clubs
  28. Unable to callup players to U20 World Cup Squad if the are in National U21 Squad
  29. Jose Mourinho and teams in Portugal
  30. Assistant selecting the team
  31. Assistant Manager Match Preparation - keeps requesting set it to high and it already is
  32. Career appearances and goals: Why do only league goals count?
  33. Incorrect Text String in Training Schedules
  34. New Scouts
  35. Too many injuries??
  36. cagliari player victor ibarbo speed BUG
  37. [DEMO] Sound of crowd remains after the match
  38. 19E Error with Liverpool
  39. Scouting
  40. attendances the same for some teams
  41. National Assistant Managers
  42. Injuries Issue
  43. Gerwyn Clones
  44. Friendly fixtures, not good
  45. European registration problem
  46. Season Tickets
  47. Collaborating club bug
  48. Fixture Clash Bug
  49. injuries again
  50. [demo] club trials
  51. Bug with stadium upgrade
  52. Messi Improving?
  53. Problem playing in network
  54. [Demo] Scouting problem
  55. International Suspensions not occurring BIG BUG
  56. Fixture Problem on Demo
  57. [minor bug] youtube caption not updated
  58. [Demo] Wrong International Fixtures
  59. [demo] other team's players showing up in my club-screen 'squad status' suspension bit
  60. [DEMO] Change ownership
  61. Training (goalkeepers)
  62. World Cup for Clubs: stadium mistake
  63. Match Preparation for Youth Players?
  64. [Demo] Injured player playing in internationals
  65. [DEMO] Scouting single nations
  66. Training/ youth training
  67. Released Game no manual
  68. Scouts taking only one day to scout a country
  69. Sunday League experience, unemployed. Wolfsburg was first job offer.
  70. The History of the player is not chronologically correct
  71. scouting bug?
  72. Scouts returning quickly from assignments
  73. [12.0.2] Starting in January 2011
  74. Scouts winding me up already!
  75. Pitch size bigger than possible to be after changes
  76. National u-19 manager bug
  77. Network game minor bug and a small tactic related one too
  78. Player on leave
  79. Saving issue
  80. ass man keeps picking random players for random positions during friendlies
  81. Internationals Bug still not fixed
  82. Kit Bug on match screen
  83. Low Attendances??!!
  84. Staff being poached with chance to stop it
  85. Scouts returning in 1 day
  86. MLS salary allocated when no players on roster
  87. No youth team in Blue sq N/S
  88. Lost Save Games!
  89. Can't make scout report on South American players?
  90. Can't call up replacement player for international match
  91. Ok i have a problem
  92. Not getting the option to make senior squad members available for reserve matches
  93. Social Media Bug Possibly
  94. A-League Squad registration problem
  95. English version different from italian
  96. Match Preparation keeps changing back to default
  97. XML Parsing Error!
  98. Mismatched Relegation Promotion Places
  99. No logos
  100. Formation familiarity
  101. No regens?
  102. From 12.0.2 to 12.0.0 version, a weird bug.
  103. [arg] No reserves team fixtures
  104. Team selection saves messing up
  105. Bug in the European Playoff in Wales
  106. Player Value Issue
  107. 15 under 19 players ineligible
  108. Young Player of the Month Award - Player didn't play for the club
  109. Manager Quitting post when offered assistant role with international Country.
  110. Why is my left midfielder getting the number 11 shirt?
  111. error for the team sellections
  112. Cant confirm selection for european competition as havent got 4 players trained shamrock
  113. Can't proceed to match?
  114. Match Confidence
  115. Addings new Leagues/Removing
  116. Scout bug? serious annoyence
  117. Reputation contra starting "career"
  118. Bugs: International Manager viewing own players and Assistant Manager gets Manager of mon
  119. Assistant Gets Manager of the Year Award
  120. Manager Holiday options not working correctly
  121. [Full Game - Steam] Player attributes
  122. Boardroom Interaction & Coaches
  123. Oliver Gill - Doesn't Exist
  124. A problem with audio
  125. Injuries
  126. Barcelona wants to 2 European Cups at 2012
  127. German National team
  128. Scouting
  129. Olympics- can't replace injured player
  130. Player Values
  131. Reputation bug FM12
  132. Highlight uploaded. Wrong version stated
  133. Wrong rules for the European Championship Qualification, 2nd placed teams.
  134. Stadium Expansion
  135. Cannot see any graphics in the game.
  136. not able to select any players for league and champions registration
  137. champions league squad u 20 players are INE.
  138. [12.0.2] Attendances are wrong
  139. Colors Bug
  140. Match not moved
  141. *minor issue* rearranging u20 friendlies
  142. Youth Player Friendly Stats
  143. [FM2012 12.0.2] Duplicate Players Entries On Team After Youth Intake
  144. International Team Instructions
  145. [12.0.2] Stadium expansion of zero
  146. Option to disable annoying fm logo in uploaded videos.
  147. Guardiola leaving Barcelona to manage Spanish U23 team, resigns a few weeks after that
  148. injuries not showing up
  149. Absent whilst playing:
  150. Social Network options not working correctly
  151. 'Wide Play' description?
  152. International Duty Bug
  153. Bug: Suspension after receiving red card in cup match does not disappear
  154. International Danish Team Lost Real Players!
  155. Nextgen mixes up under 19 and reserves
  156. Facebook trouble
  157. Game Stopped GAME OVER
  158. Wrong youth intake date?
  159. No players pictures/ team badges shown in profiles
  160. International Dates
  161. steam offline and there is no option to switch it online...
  162. Player disappeared from the game
  163. player profile
  164. New signing cup tied but from another league ?
  165. Scouting next opponent
  166. Player bans
  167. Teams not selecting key players
  168. Sending players out on loan to gain EU nationality to avoid work permits.
  169. No juniors?
  170. EURO Cup slots left open
  171. Biography Errors
  172. Same referee every match
  173. Board expectations issue
  174. Insane amount of scout reports coming through
  175. scouting the olympics
  176. SPL Finances for the Old Firm
  177. Tactic familiarity bug when changing strategy [12.0.2]
  178. Upgrade youth facilities: Can't play at home ground?
  179. Training Facilities
  180. Some Suggestions to Improve the Game
  181. Assistant Manager won Manager of the Month
  182. Duplicated Youth Players
  183. Welsh prem Euro cup issue....
  184. Computer automatically selects grey players
  185. [] No Manager of the Month Award for October
  186. Incredible amount of long terms injuries !!!
  187. Players avaliable for juniors squad
  188. Possible registration bug - Spain - moved from data forum
  189. Doublle Listed Players
  190. Kits Confusion
  191. Created player achievements not showing
  192. Club ranking
  193. Steam Achievement - National Service
  194. Injured Player Played in National Team
  195. Transfer Status is not Changing
  196. Player Training Schedule is not Changing
  197. Juventus Stadium
  198. Search Players by prefered movr not working
  199. career stats
  200. Are You Understanding and Patient
  201. Can't use under-21 players for champions league
  202. [12.0.2 - News Item] Incorrect number of season tickets sold
  203. Planned Youth Facilities
  204. Missing default graphics
  205. Match speed
  206. No brazilian newgens being created
  207. Graphics issue
  208. Game Ruining Squad Number Bug
  209. Using Twitter
  210. Olympics with Great Britain
  211. Serious problems inside FM12.. Really, very serious.. Major update needed
  212. Cannot bring up replacement player (illness) for U23 squad during olympics
  213. *minor issues* canadian championship history
  214. Goalkeeper sending off bug
  215. No history when we win a championship with play-off
  216. Mac: UI non responsive (multiple Monitors)
  217. Player Attributes Page Missing Info About Player
  218. Stadium expansion not as big as first announced.
  219. [12.0.3] World Club Championships Stadiums
  220. Youth Clone bug
  221. Playing as Nottingham Forest - but playing at Newmarket Town ground - crowds of 144!
  222. [demo v230163] Scouting Nation - 100% Knowledge Scout - Unrealistically Few Reports
  223. Players away on U21 duty during Champions League and League match
  224. Dutch Jupiler League - new fixtures not generated
  225. No development from training - even though I am told they are making progress
  226. Bug regarding friendly
  227. Bug for injury requiring replacement of national squad player
  228. Motivational issue to play for actual manager
  229. Bug that shuts the game down when looking at Hall of Fame
  230. Squad not registering
  231. Latest Scores Match Info Bug
  232. Bug improving youth recruitment and junior coaching
  233. Save Hole!
  234. Countries missing
  235. Player with Unknown Injury
  236. Many injuries after international duty and simulating match
  237. U21 matches clash with league program
  238. Huge fine after 6 players get yellow card
  239. Scouting Bug
  240. No players to play a match
  241. Huddersfield Town' Unbeaten Match Run Bug
  242. Manager of the month.
  243. League not showing on player's career history
  244. 3 games in 4 days
  245. player screen error
  246. Players preferred moves search not working!
  247. Can not add manager in just added league?
  248. Captain loaned out
  249. Board disappointed, reason makes no sense.
  250. fake players