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  1. Not sure where this belongs: Morale issue
  2. Very sluggish board/player interaction.
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  8. Megson asked about my chances in next match - irrelevant responses
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  10. Concerned player gets playing time, assitant warns for unhappiness
  11. Fined Suarez one week's wages after a red card. He's still angry a year later!
  12. Under what circumstances can you talk to a player about his concerns?
  13. Player conversations and morale changes
  14. Player wants to go, I agree, when transfer listed he wants to stay.
  15. Can't finalise Manager contract
  16. Player concerned about transfer listed/offered when he's not
  17. Conversation about player concerned with not playing.
  18. Unable to override Team Talks
  19. unable to promise playing time to young players
  20. Manager under pressure - can't slate manager.
  21. Loaned out players complaining about first team football promise
  22. Conversation history with a player weirdly toggles between my convo with him and his mgr's
  23. New Option
  24. Able to congratulate manager on winning award, even when he didn't.
  25. Major player interaction bug
  26. Player Squad Status
  27. Assistant always suggests "do it for the fans".
  28. Wants to move but not transfer listed + injured but still wants playing time.
  29. internationall call ups unable on some players to specify if i want them to do
  30. Anderson retires from international football at the age of 24.
  31. Promised a player can leave.
  32. U18' players want first team football after 15 games
  33. Bug when doing private chats
  34. Player Promises
  35. Player requests first team football then asks for a transfer 1 game later when he played
  36. Player thinks club is underachieving a year on when issue is resolved
  37. Unhappy about rejecting bid after being transferred
  38. unhappy after winning title, euro cup?
  39. Player interaction issue
  40. Player Concerned Status Not Clearing
  41. Player warnings still relating to the wrong match!
  42. Unrealistic talks? - same talks, different results
  43. Player unhappy not playing, yet he has been away on leave.
  44. Opposition is not a title contender - Oh yes they are!!
  45. Player concerns brought to my attention by fitness coach?
  46. Player recommending player with name not shown
  47. Player Concerned For Not Being Played
  48. Player Slams Manager For Refusing Talks With My Club
  49. Tutoring upsetting ALL players
  50. Non-Contracts unhappy with lack of first team football
  51. [12.0.4] player recommended signing (Athletic Club)
  52. Player complaining even after getting what he wanted
  53. Date Bug
  54. Players angry at teammate treatment before I've actually done anything?
  55. Can't praise Keeper for last performance?
  56. Opposing Manager thought my team was excellent ............. despite getting beat 6-1
  57. MLS Player Requires a new squad reputation - So what he's not in my team!!
  58. Young players always disappointed with result of tutoring
  59. Coach reminds me about loan promise to player - He is already on loan
  60. Player/Coach issue - Di Salvo reports on Di Salvo's progress
  61. [12.0.4] Player keeps getting unhappy about new contract
  62. Has promised he will sign a new contract
  63. Player unhappy that I didn't sell him in transfer window
  64. Player contract offer woes
  65. Must be a bug
  66. Unable to disagree with commentary
  67. X Wants first team football because he's placed in reserves, regardless of first team apps
  68. Promised player a new contract - work permit gets turned down and he feels...
  69. Praising a player after a match
  70. [12.0.4] Team Meeting Bug
  71. Player concerned about 1st team football.
  72. Two Sebastian Giovincos on my team!!!
  73. Error in expanding stadium (?)
  74. Suggest A Possible Future Staff Role Bug
  75. Players from B team whining about their contracts to me
  76. Unable to promise first team football
  77. Team meetings
  78. 12.1 players unhappy bug
  79. While beeing Barcelona can choose a parentclub
  80. Player Interaction Problems
  81. Bug when asking preferred move training
  82. Unregistered players concerned about lack of football
  83. Private chat problems
  84. so much for private conversation
  85. Promotion doesn't improve morale!!!!
  86. [12.1.1] Cannot hold team meeting during play-off campaign
  87. Player who is away on loan, is complaining about parent club underachieving to me.
  88. Retort to a Big Mouthed Manager
  89. [12.1.1] Poor positional training suggestion
  90. [12.1.1] Team meeting, can only directly interact with captain
  91. Player wants new contract but won't enter discussions
  92. I Think this comes under here. Tutoring problem
  93. Player Unhappy Even Though Promise Fulfilled
  94. Possible "Lack of Discipline" bug?
  95. Bug when sending mutiple players on 'extended leave'
  96. [12.1.1] Player slates manager talk
  97. Player Can't Make Mind Up About Problem
  98. [12.1.1] Top but down in the dumps
  99. Odd behavior regarding the resting interaction.
  100. Jem Karacan capped by 2 countries?
  101. Illogical choice of comments in media
  102. [12.1.1] Trial players happy about win bonus
  103. Manager - Post Match Comment
  104. Players still tired after sending week holiday
  105. Player concerned of not playing after a month holiday for home sickness
  106. Player history gone
  107. Team meetings... Absolute rubbish? Massive gamble? Fluke?
  108. Player unhappy about not being able to talk with club.
  109. Player is mad after being fined
  110. [12.1.1] Other manager comments
  111. [12.2.0]Board Interaction Issue
  112. [12.2] Complaint about choice of captain
  113. player interaction
  114. Player Promises
  115. [12.2] Player complaining about even that never happened
  116. Scout-reports doesnt show.
  117. Future staff role
  118. Gender Confusion
  119. Team Meetings running slow
  120. Strange Board Expectations
  121. [12.2.2] Player refuse to tutor team mate because 'he doesn't get on with him' But...
  122. Issuing warning for poor performance feature problem
  123. [12.2.2] Player demands 1st team football after injury
  124. [12.2.2] Player Concerned Over Broken Transfer Promise
  125. Private Chat with Goalkeeper
  126. Backroom meeting: coaches giving odd suggestions about players status in squad
  127. International Player Interaction
  128. Board refuse to allow more staff or increase scouting range.
  129. Missing option for dealing/explaining demands for new contracts
  130. [12.2.2] Schoolboy demands first team football
  131. [12.2.2]- Players requesting new contracts after praise
  132. [12.2.2] Keeper should know his role
  133. Other teams start a bid for player, player ask for new contract
  134. Board unreasonably thinks I haven't achieved title challenge at season end
  135. [12.2.2] 'We will have to stop X' morale bug
  136. Can't Interact with Baord - Button greyed out!!
  137. [12.2.2] Player concerned about playing position
  138. International Tournament Squad Selection Problem.
  139. i just noticed when i got beat by wolves 3-0 i had the wrong motavation
  140. Press Conference asked if I would choose retired player to replace injured one!
  141. Rift in the dressing room
  142. <time#1-> in Player Interaction
  143. Asst. Coached Match Day Player Selection Omits Top Player
  144. Players learning new language
  145. Backroom Advice Meeting not working?