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  1. FTP Instructions
  2. Bug Reporting Guidelines - *PLEASE* Read Before Posting
  3. Only Commentary Mode Error
  4. Commentary Only - Score And Clock Not Updated
  5. Demo 3-d issue on iMac
  6. freeze when starting match
  7. Freezing during upload video on youtube
  8. Woodwork Gallore
  9. Match stops when minimizing FM
  10. Too many goals from corners / IFK?
  11. 3D Match engine
  12. Terrible, very terrible bug.
  13. Stadium roof
  14. "Making Tactical Changes" constantly freezing match
  15. Director Cam
  16. 3d engine problems in fm12 demo...
  17. [Demo] Supporter Colours (Linesmen Utd?)
  18. Jerky 2D match engine
  19. Additional Assistants
  20. Video Upload Bug in FM12
  21. Minor injury dialogue appearing for major injuries.
  22. 3D jerky.....Windowed Mode issue maybe ?
  23. Slow Commentary
  24. Sending off for handball in oppositions half
  25. [Demo Version] Stadium draw error - seating.
  26. St James Park? 2012
  27. Matchday Goalkeeper Kit colours
  28. FM12 Demo - cancelling a friendly & 3D match
  29. High Scoring Games!!
  30. Wrong scores?
  31. make subs just before an injury and your subs get cancelled.
  32. "Latest scores"
  33. england away kit
  34. Bad animation here ?!
  35. [Demo Version] Stadium drawing error #2
  36. FM12 youtube uploads
  37. I beat Liverpool 10-0 at Anfield
  38. Booing/jeering from corners
  39. [DEMO] me981 AML/AMR do not track/defend properly
  40. Corners, yellow cards and injury time highlights
  41. Corners and Yellow Cards
  42. Glitch or bug ? match view in 3d
  43. Kits Bug
  44. Simulation sickness - users physically falling sick due to match-engine display
  45. Dodgy defending
  46. Poor definition!? in the stands
  47. DFKs ????????
  48. Goalie doesnt rush out
  49. bright sun very bright
  50. [Demo] Goalkeeper sent off for handball
  51. 3D game shirt numbers and players names problem....
  52. Goals not shown in commentary
  53. km run per player.
  54. Players fail to stay in the position I assign them
  55. lost 3-0 when only 2 goals were scored!?
  56. Too many shocking headers and utterly pointless corners
  57. Shots from the kick off / no closing down
  58. Near post shots, 1-on-1 howlers and the crossbar
  59. The ball hitting players on their backs
  60. Red cards in intra-squad friendlies
  61. Only commentary - crosses which lead to corners but nothing happens
  62. *OLD PROBLEM* Keeper makes "several important saves"...but only has 1 shot to save
  63. I've heard of keepers coming a few yards out of their box, but to the centre circle?
  64. Corner banging is still ridiculous in FM2012
  65. Pass Back Rule
  66. Loss of animations
  67. painfully slow physio-walking as 'highlight'
  68. officials in same kit as one team
  69. No fair-play ai team
  70. Too many Own goals!?!
  71. In Game Score Remains at 0:0 even after goals.
  72. Missing too many 1 on 1's
  73. The invisible giant
  74. To many bugs!!!!
  75. Commentary v. 3D animation Mismatches
  76. Intel Graphics cards
  77. Offside from a corner
  78. Maybe it is just a faulty goalkeeper IRL , but he isnt that bad afterall .. Watch Own Goal
  79. [demo] general ME/3D bugs
  80. Player with minor injury didn't come off despite selecting for him to
  81. low detail required to avoid jerky 3D
  82. Players Swapping Position Bug
  83. goalkeepers running a lot?
  84. Can't give subs instructions?
  85. Poor Finishing and Defending on FM 12 Demo
  86. Goalkeepers on penalty
  87. Juve 3rd? kit colors
  88. Players control of the ball
  89. [DEMO] Outfield player injured with only a GK left on the bench.
  90. [Demo] Goal line referees line up on wrong side of goal
  91. Faster Match Speed in Split View?
  92. Closing Goalkeeper down
  93. [Minor Demo Bug] Fans leaving 20mins early at derby while other team is playing with 10
  94. [DEMO] - Playing for a throw-in.
  95. Can't Record
  96. Minimize FM - Match not progressing
  97. Match engine lags
  98. AI choosing a suicide tactic
  99. Valid goals not being counted!!!
  100. Snowy pitch too bright!
  101. Own Goals
  102. Main Stand roof blocking pitch in elavated view
  103. Random player, random position ?
  104. Strange weather
  105. complete hell
  106. Crash just before 3D match
  107. Player unabled to play on due to injury glitch
  108. [12.02] Weird bug about goalkeeper & referee
  109. FM12 Too many yellow cards?
  110. how to MINIMIZE game windom during 3d match?
  111. GK handball bug
  112. Commentary lags in 3D match.
  113. Matches not loading
  114. Stunning owngoal
  115. Stadium model bug
  116. arsenal goalkeeper kit incorrect
  117. Jerky 2D classic
  118. fa cup bug
  119. Too many penalties scored
  120. Seats covering stairs/tunnel
  121. Large Match-Day Bug
  122. I can't see raining
  123. Making subs during play and game doesnt go back to pitch view
  124. Penalty 3D representation bug
  125. Changing Match Highlights bug
  126. Tactics Bug
  127. Team Rating Widget.
  128. Framerate drops :-/
  129. Very Slow match experience in network game
  130. (12.0.2) Unable to go on holiday on a match day
  131. "Tactical changes pending" error
  132. Commentary Only Sound Jerky
  133. Match engine becomes jerky when wireless signal less than 100%
  134. [FM12] No more uncovered terraces in stadiums?
  135. Slow commentary & wild scores
  136. Defender stops. Allows goal.
  137. [12.0.2] Defending corners - close down corner
  138. Game randomly produces goals!
  139. Team chants randomly stopping after a few seconds...
  140. My goalkeeper doesn't have a number on his shirt in 2D Classic
  141. 3D match is going crazy
  142. [Full Version] Injured player going off the pitch while still lying down
  143. Shirt numbers not showing up in 3D match on High graphics setting?
  144. Mac 3D match jittery
  145. Ref Kit Clash in Switzerland
  146. Crowd
  147. Crowd Issues
  148. Roof bug
  149. Possible throw in bug.
  150. Longshots /players with shoot from distance
  151. Strange Keeper Decision
  152. Own Goal credited to gareth Barry
  153. Kit colors clash (PSG-Lille)
  154. Goals Scored not Shown In Match Engine
  155. Players called by wrong name in text
  156. There's no point to quick throws or kicks when the ball takes minutes to get to player.
  157. Minor issue : ball movement animation
  158. U19 Team not using current first team tactics, although checked in Team Policy
  159. Offside???? I don't think so!!!
  160. [Full version] 2 Goals scored during game not counted towards final scoreline
  161. Goalie Sending Off
  162. Player interaction bug:
  163. Too many corner kick goals?
  164. Player sent-off, subbed and phantom goals
  165. Sound problems
  166. Tackles which lead to own goals
  167. Player wont pass/cross to teammate in much better position
  168. same color outfit dallas-toronto
  169. Players getting injured after making 3rd sub
  170. Quick sub
  171. does the ref wear a different colour to black?
  172. VERY odd bug.
  173. Goalkeeper getting sent off for handballing when he's inside the zone
  174. Away kits being used at odd times and inexplicably high amount of red cards
  175. Wrong player credited for assist
  176. Wrong scoreline during match & unable to progress once match had finished
  177. a goal appears for opponent, not shown, cannot view afterwards
  178. Players facing wrong way at kick off
  179. Players keeping ball in opposition half too easily
  180. Injuries - players going off in wierd places
  181. Football Manager 2012 pitch view slow on IMAC
  182. Match slows down after substition in network game
  183. Still the same old bugs...
  184. Far too many penalties conceded during corners
  185. Snow in Australia
  186. Injuries and goals
  187. Goal not counted
  188. Disappointed Sound
  189. Libero attacking broken?
  190. Excessive numbers of goal post in a game (Dunno where to post it)
  191. Slight injury bug
  192. Striker clears the ball after a miss
  193. Player Shouts
  194. Referee not knowing the rules
  195. Audio problems FM2012
  196. Free Kick Without Wall
  197. Kit color choice
  198. Double touch at free kick
  199. Bug - Substitutions Taking Effect After Goal
  200. Referee and the rules v2
  201. Used all my subs and new injury cannot continue game? and wage offer problems?
  202. New PC same old problem :(
  203. Goals Don't Count
  204. International results bug
  205. Network Game Team Talk Problem
  206. Pause and Play buttons not working after replay
  207. Director camera
  208. Milan / San Siro stadium
  209. Issue with 2D Cam
  210. FM12 - Lost game but fixture list showing win.
  211. Go on holiday: Use current match tactics
  212. Players wanting penalty for 'foul' in the box.
  213. Not a bug but a question on stadiums in 3d
  214. Goalkeeper not collecting ball
  215. " start extra time " won't work...
  216. Winning the matches then other team scores jokes of goals to win the game
  217. Own Goals that should not be classed as such.
  218. Wierd weather bug...
  219. Even aggregate not taken to penalty kicks
  220. Referee ALWAYS pulls out his card late
  221. My team in Black, so is the ref
  222. Corner Bug
  223. Goals not counting in final result
  224. Walking Players
  225. Basic problem with 3d match when playing aginst 'bigger opponents'
  226. GK sent off!!
  227. rapidly changing
  228. Constant injuries to strikers - 12.0.4 - Mac
  229. Shame
  230. Network Game - Game speed bar, dissapeared.
  231. Scored a goal - Still 2-0 to them?? End result in fixtures shows wrong score too
  232. Ref waits until injury treatment is over to hand over a yellow in key highlight
  233. I take this ref's match rating as an insult to all the good things in the world
  234. Match Replays
  235. why i cant play a match in fm12.. it always stuck..when i play..
  236. Elevated view far to bright
  237. Own goals (too much?)
  238. Changing teamtalks
  239. fm 2012 ENDS for me .go on holidayduring match is over :((((((
  240. V.rigid isnt v.rigid
  241. Shooting from the Free Kicks
  242. Match Stuck - Cannot Start Extra Time
  243. 2D Classic Match Engine bug
  244. Match Issue with scoring registration/recognition
  245. Team Talk bug
  246. Foreign player restriction in substitution.
  247. AI Switching to 532 when losing/chasing a goal
  248. Injured player angered after half-time positive team talk
  249. Players constantly passing to offside corner taker after it's cleared
  250. Kit colour problem in 2D