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  1. Facebook post
  2. International Call Up News Story
  3. Clarke compiles report on Sunderland's Gyan
  4. England U21 manager
  5. Newcastle described as league runners up
  6. Contract question in press conference
  7. 2020 Olympic Games
  8. [Demo] Incorrect player reported as being sent off in post match interview
  9. red card bug
  10. Huddersfield unbeaten league record
  11. Press conference - journalist asked if I planned to rest a suspended player
  12. Criticized for resting players even though I won
  13. [Demo] Press Conference Question regarding an injured new signing
  14. Asked whether ref got penalty decision right
  15. Saturdays Npower League 2 round up
  16. Post-match comment "<person#2-his>side"
  17. Asked about chances of player returning from injury will feature in next match
  18. Wierd Steven Gerrard Call Up Message
  19. Winning play-off spot, not much exitement in media
  20. Assistant manager and Match Preparation
  21. "Bruce On Rooney" - Pre match News Error
  22. News: Loan player who is Player of the Month
  23. [Demo} Barcelona B tipped for Promotion
  24. 'view incident' button on disciplinary news doesn't work
  25. [DEMO] International Match Report - GK 0 saves 8.6 rating
  26. [Demo] Headline says player makes "return" instead of "debut".
  27. [Demo] Wrong buttons
  28. compensation bug
  29. [demo] What a comeback!
  30. Pre-match press conference
  31. [demo] pre-match press build up
  32. Conflicting news stories
  33. Scout putting pressure on player for a regular place in squad!?!
  34. News Headline: Manager's tactical gamble fails
  35. Question in press conference on red card for wrong player
  36. Spam
  37. 12.0.2 - Removing news subscriptions makes no difference
  38. Transfer round up in scotland wrong
  39. [12.0.2] Scout Reporting on Coming Match 14 times
  40. Edgar Davids - press conference minor error ?
  41. Manager News Stories Making Little Sense
  42. Welcome press conference, cant click options.
  43. [FM12.0.2 - News] Comment on individual player in Reserves match report not making sense
  44. Assistant Manager winning Manager of the Month
  45. Press claiming a match against a side 21pts behind me as "biggest match of the season"
  46. [FM 12.02] Plural when it should be singular.
  47. Asked question as losing team after goalkeeper red card.
  48. [FM 12.02] Fans and board don't know the full story
  49. [FM2012] Wrong Question at Presentation Press Conference
  50. Press conference issues
  51. I'm getting news from another manager
  52. Bug - Wrong Player being reported as sent off in last game
  53. Wrong player named in press conference
  54. [FM12.02] Player To Watch news bulletin
  55. wrong players mentioned and stupid comments
  56. Press conference answers don't match news headline
  57. Press Conference Bug
  58. press conference says ive worked with the player in the past
  59. Player will miss out rest of tournament? I don't think so
  60. match preparation news : spam !
  61. Getting a news item that shouldnt be
  62. <team#1-> --- Any idea?
  63. Loan bid rejected...Assistant manager suggests increasing asking price
  64. New about possible vacancies
  65. [FM 2012] Team of the year and striker of the season issue
  66. Reporting Error
  67. News Subscription Problem
  68. Weird press conference question....
  69. Match Subscriptions Not Working
  70. Speculation that a player will switch clubs after 18 days in "window opens" news
  71. [Fm2012] Media Comments/Press Conference pitch state and other
  72. Appointed Manager news item bug
  73. Takeover - Unloyal Manager! (a very minor bug)
  74. Best eleven
  75. 10 Day Injury in March means missing entire world cup - Press Report
  76. [12.0.2] Bad grammar in '<Player> heads list of released <Team> players' news item
  77. Scotland V Brazil, Or are they playing Brazillian clubs?
  78. [12.0.2] Press confernce speculating I'll bid for a player I already have !
  79. [12.0.2] Press conference news report headline imcorrect
  80. Possible Grammar Error
  81. Media hype about rather unimportant match
  82. "Another game with a late equaliser" comment when match is lost
  83. Spelling mistake in press conference
  84. Burkina Faso to win the Premier Division ?
  85. Different club scraping youth setup directing a question towards me?
  86. I think i have found a bug
  87. European Championship ruined?
  88. Press Conference Answer
  89. Franco Baresi...
  90. Press Conference Bug - Relegated to reserves.
  91. 19 year old striker described as 'ageing' in news item.
  92. minor news error
  93. Scouting News Bug
  94. Asked about resting ineligible player
  95. Post-match press conference - injury to own goalkeeper caused you to lose (I won)
  96. unanswered message bug
  97. "The ageing central defender..." (Who is actually only 19)
  98. wrong dates for stadium expansion
  99. Player manager retirement causing wrong message to generate
  100. Opponent keeper injured, but I get the question
  101. a couple of issues
  102. Manbager to leave team messages when he's retiring at end of season
  103. Manager set for news item not recognizing lower league winnings
  104. My new scout wants to move .. to me!!
  105. Monthly award issue palyer/manager
  106. Concerned Player Playing First Team
  107. [12.0.3] "Opposition created many ccc's against you". Yeah, many as in zero.
  108. Record transfer broken by lower fee then original
  109. No fans' player or team of the year
  110. BUG news always ask me to answer to transfer
  111. Game won't continue - not really sure why
  112. [12.0.4] Press conference poses question citing wrong player sent off
  113. Worst defeat record not correct
  114. In network game prematch odds for same game are different
  115. a bug.
  116. Expected misery
  117. Supporter Poll Results
  118. Cant respond to job spectulation!
  119. Ungentlemany Conduct ??
  120. Man of the match record
  121. [12.0.4 - Steam] Incorrect International Manager Sacking
  122. Didnt get option to appeal red card either know news says i did.
  123. silly news answer about youth game
  124. Assistant Manager called Manger when Manager has been sacked
  125. Skipping through new news items
  126. Unhappy at sale of <position#3-lowercase>
  127. last seasons runners up and teams doing the double when they haven't
  128. JOURNALIST SEEKS RESPONSE TO .......will not let me respond to this.
  129. Bug in red card and press
  130. friendly invitation
  131. Meaningless line in "Fans upset at losing <#club#> favourite" story
  132. Training report - Portuguese translation error
  133. [12.0.4] Wrong club listed as receiving compensation
  134. FA Cup Points
  135. Bug with Post Match Questions
  136. Pre-season training
  137. Pre-World Cup friendly news items mention wrong opposition.
  138. My Board doesn't know the difference between a parent and a feeder club?
  139. Criticized for resting players even though I won
  140. 'Must Respond' - but not my team
  141. Pretty sure this is a bug
  142. Through but Tells me im out
  143. My player scores own goal, fans happy for late equalizer
  144. "Biggest and most important match of the season" ... against last placed Granada
  145. placed in reserves
  146. Phil Jones is now playing for Columbia
  147. Player injured - Asked if player who is not at my club could step up
  148. News Item Bug
  149. Compensation bug?
  150. [Game breaking bug] Running 2 managers in the same game, unable to continue save
  151. Press Conference - Journalist asking each week if I can manage to stay 1st in league
  152. [12/4"Happy with point" news item after cup draw
  153. "[AssMan] presents [Team] report" at game start has bad wording.
  154. Comment on player being sent off when it was another player that got sent off
  155. assistant manager press conference question/answer bug??
  156. Minor issue with Jounalists not recognising your Fluent languages
  157. <person#2-surname> error
  158. Wrong name in news headline
  159. Must respond transfer message without reason
  160. Asked about calling injured player for nat. team, yet he isn't injured
  161. Code in Press Interaction
  162. "! Must Respond" glitch
  163. Factual errors in Champions Cup summary
  164. too many news reports regarding world player of the year
  165. News Item that has Nothing to do with Me Keeps Coming Up!
  166. News subscription bug!
  167. Injury crisis in National team , No injuries?
  168. News say player was released from the wrong team
  169. News item saying scout joined in 1900
  170. About a Press Conference Issue
  171. Bug in news items 12.0.4
  172. Scouting 30+ year olds for my U19s squad?
  173. team scraps youth setup: news worded as if it affected player's team
  174. Wrong Stadium Reported in News Item
  175. Should <player> be in the first team?
  176. Just taken over a team struggling, and I'm getting most of the blame? [12.0.4]
  177. Veteran (...) beginning to show his age
  178. Press Conference question the wrong way round [12.1.0]
  179. New Signing Press Conference (12.1.0)
  180. Injury news items not showing
  181. Press ask about wrong stadium [12.1.0]
  182. Media asks me about star player, picks random coach instead
  183. [12.1] You played well last time out...
  184. [12.1] Substituting player on a hattrick
  185. Scout can travel through time
  186. the 0th time they lost on aggregate
  187. [12.1.1] Subscriptions bug
  188. player "did not have the best of seasons last term"
  189. player called by the position he's not natural/accomplished at
  190. biggest match? I dont think so...
  191. how do I leave conference early?
  192. Mail Annoyance [12.1.1]
  193. Both clubs will be doing everything they can to ensure victory... not
  194. [12.1.1] Wrong promotion question set
  195. [12.1.1] Asked about contract renewal for injured player
  196. B Team promotion bug
  197. [FM12] Goal drought affecting confidence
  198. Good performances from a cheap players..... at 23m
  199. [12.1.1] It wasn't a tackle guys
  200. Manager of the month - really!?
  201. [12.1.1] Press Conference after winning promotion
  202. Northern Mariana Islands shocked by valiant Japan???
  203. [12.1.1] Squad rotation
  204. Totally illogical news items
  205. [12.1.1] News Item spelling mistake
  206. Losing amateur players without realising
  207. [12.1.1] Wrong nation announces new stadium plans after tournament bid win
  208. Why is Franco Baresi offered as a replacement for an injured player??
  209. [12.1.1] Post match - Red card question
  210. [12.1.1] Player on loan getting team record
  211. I put it in the wrong forum...
  212. 12.1.1 Citizenship bug
  213. Weird press conference answer
  214. Glitched end of the season record high league position information
  215. Question about not having a game for x days when I've actually had four.
  216. Match Report Bug
  217. Assistant manager encouraged by........
  218. Media story about me securing 'vital away victory' even though cup game was a draw.
  219. Post-match report refers to a prior game.
  220. International Press Conference - 2 strange questions
  221. Managerial hirings often not producing news item
  222. [12.1.1] News item incorrect
  223. Youth candidates evaluated
  224. European games doesn't count for Loan players - wrong message
  225. Chairman cheated me!
  226. Relegation match - not really!
  227. Weird news reports on Reserve team friendlies
  228. Player being "key" in a games pre match media when away on african nations etc.
  229. A few grammatical gripes + one unacceptable mistake
  230. [12.1.1] News Item Bug! Urgent!!
  231. [12.1.1]Player manager criticises himself?
  232. [12.1.1] Playoff trophy holders
  233. Wrong media comment on my manager attending evaluation of my team's youth candidates
  234. [12.2] No more press conference
  235. [12.2.0] 'Reserves win the league' text string bug
  236. [12.2] Barcelona are the biggest team in Wales
  237. [12.2] Blitzes record for goals at 1?
  238. Media claims I am overachieving, so does the board, but I am not
  239. [12.2.2] Sexist news!
  240. Wales fans are away fans in their own stadium?
  241. [12.2.2] Press think we won, we only drew
  242. [12.2.2] Press conference bug
  243. News
  244. The news explained injury reason wrong
  245. Post game comments incorrect
  246. ... looking for way out [12.2.2]
  247. Board interaction wage budget increase shows only as weekly, not in monthly/yearly.
  248. Board wanted me to select a new parent club but I can't!
  249. When Liverpool meet Liverpool on sunday
  250. [12.2.2] Asked about offside call