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  1. Agent wont go away
  2. Transfer activity too much for Danish clubs :(
  3. Fitness Coach just accepted a contract on 0 p/w
  4. YTS Player Wages
  5. Player Signed for Spanish Club without a Minimum Fee Release Clause
  6. [Demo] Queen's Park
  7. [DEMO] Scout Reports
  8. [demo] Loan + offer contract?
  9. Rejecting Offers
  10. [Demo] No applicants to jobs
  11. [DEMO] Cannot manually change squad status
  12. Negotiations affiliated club
  13. Player that just joined club wants contract raise when transfer offer on him is rejected
  14. Lua Lua
  15. All 'Approach To Sign' Players and Staff Contract buttons greyed out/enabled in one press!
  16. [FM12] Norwich's Scottish Fetish
  17. No buttons/out of order stats (demo)
  18. [DEMO] Wellington Phoenix unable to send scouts to New Zealand
  19. Minimum fee release clause (foreign clubs) not observed
  20. [DEMO] Job Adverts Withdrawn
  21. (Demo) Blue Square North Transfer Window
  22. Epic Fail!
  23. Reserves' Manager accepts bid even though it's not his job to do so
  24. 48 months transfers
  25. Scout Bugs
  26. [Demo] Withdrawing Trial offers
  27. Juventus takeover talks?!
  28. Agent bug
  29. Transfer Budget disappears!
  30. [DEMO] Player search fault.
  31. Offer to Club reports
  32. newbie problem!
  33. [Demo] Possible player exchange bug
  34. Small Transfer Budget with City?
  35. 48 months transfer bug, with "foreground suggardaddy"
  36. Season stats gone missing bug!
  37. [DEMO] Missing Staff & Players on search screen
  38. [demo] Possible transfer fee issue for listed player
  39. Agent Sacked By Tevez But Still His Agent? Bug?
  40. loan fee - doesnt change for short duration
  41. No transfer history displayed
  42. Transfers in first window
  43. [Demo] non contract staff
  44. Loans between SPL Clubs
  45. The game cheated me in the end of the window
  46. Signing players for no wage.
  47. Wage offers unfairly limited
  48. Oscar Cardozo Overrated
  49. [DEMO] Failed transfer prevents continue
  50. [DEMO] Salaries incorrect
  51. Tevez sacks agent after contract negotiations with Tottenham break down...
  52. Problem in Transfercenter
  53. [DEMO] Too many players want non-contract deals - can't offer Backup status otherwise
  54. On The Demo You Can Get Tevez For 3MILLION?!
  55. Transfers Coaches
  56. FM2012 Cannot change squad status of U23 player
  57. problem signing an assistant (offering contract)
  58. I can't buy some players and i haven't spent any money yet?
  59. Wage Budget/Transfer Budget
  60. [Bug final version]Contract from Club as Head Coach: Cannot Continue
  61. Withdrawing a trial offer for a full contract, no negotiation with wages
  62. [FULL VERSION] Youth to pro contract
  63. Jordan Rhodes sold to Leeds for 325,000???
  64. Scouting only for one day
  65. Scout for 3 matches - keeps scouting afther that, scouting in general
  66. Caretaker managers
  67. Non-Contract to Part-time
  68. Wage Increase After xxx League Matches - Former Player
  69. [FM 12-0-2] Player's price shown incorrectly
  70. Player unwilling to change clubs
  71. No players to sign?
  72. Cannot exchange players
  73. Can't offer contract to free agents
  74. Computer making offers for players
  75. Player won't negotiate issue and AI makes ludicrous offers (edited league)
  76. Loan Extension Bug
  77. Im guessing this is a bug
  78. Sacked as Liverpool
  79. Youth players have duplicated
  80. U19 Player activates contract clause wrongly
  81. Confidence only look at position?
  82. I can't terminate parent club loaned players
  83. Negotiated less cash
  84. South African 1st Division - Loans til end of season finish before playoff final
  85. Coaches still being nicked
  86. Problem offering an existing player a new contract.
  87. player/coach contract
  88. Stuck in cancelled contract loop :/
  89. Can't accept loan offer, there's no obvious reason why not.
  90. Cannot offer full time contracts (professional club)
  91. EPL players at BSP?
  92. Market value doubled... but for me only
  93. Colwyn Bay
  94. Agent's offering players who don't want to join
  95. Unrealistic parent club loan signings
  96. Cannot Afford Staff Members
  97. who's offering the contracts?
  98. transfer loophole
  99. Mysterious minimum fee release clause of 0 and inability to send player to feeder
  100. AI Clubs - Free transferring brilliant youngsters.
  101. Not being able to offer anyone a contract
  102. Potential bug - asking board to sign a player and it fails, then you cant ever sign him
  103. changing squad status
  104. Portugal based players not showing up in searches.
  105. player demands new contract when hes already been offered one
  106. See all transfers in?
  107. [12.0.2] Huge bug with wage increase clause
  108. agent fee of 6 milj or more
  109. Possible transfer bug?
  110. Not being able to asign number shirt!
  111. MLS Superdraft Contract Loop
  112. Potential Bug: Cannot 'Finalise Deal' on contract offer screen
  113. Cannot extend contract (Full game - Swedish division 2)
  114. No 'Make an Offer' button on a player
  115. Co-Ownership Contract Issue
  116. Renewal Contract Bug
  117. Pre-contract Brazilian teams
  118. Not possible to offer many contract at one time due wage budget..
  119. Young free transfers signing professional contracts
  120. Really hard to loan out players!!!
  121. Why is Capello still England manager?!
  122. Can't give Michael Owen away
  123. Why is this player not on a professional contract?
  124. Adjusting wage budget twice in a day causing cancellation
  125. Full Version - Renegotiating England League 2 salaries end of first year - Team Barnet
  126. Locking out contract clauses?
  127. Can't offer Part Time or Full Time contracts
  128. potential bug: club offering you contract
  129. Unable to offer contract after using the "Use existing contract" funtion
  130. Transfer issue - players and coaches not interested in talking contract -defo bug
  131. Not possible to offer *ANY* contracts - help!
  132. unrealistic transfer targets
  133. FM 12.0.3 Loan with agreed price - Player doing well but reject to join the loaning club
  134. my players wages have sky rocketed in 1st season
  135. Big Bug - Can not sign staff
  136. Board restrictions
  137. Scouts recommending dead players
  138. Championship players on loan in the BSN!
  139. Why cant i offer contract?
  140. 12.0.3 Squad status still can't be changed.
  141. Wage Rise Clause bug?
  142. A transfer that cannot be completed
  143. Staff Member Stuck
  144. Transfer Budget - Gone after Board negotiated transfer (which failed)
  145. Problems signing Youth Players
  146. Bilbao can sign non-Basque Spanish regens
  147. Contract issues
  148. FM12 - Why so expensive players?
  149. less of a bug more of a suggestion
  150. I'm now an assistant manager
  151. Turned Transfers off at start off season
  152. Persuading a player to stay (who's leaving on a free)?
  153. 150 agent messages (about contract offers) - really necessary
  154. Applying for jobs...
  155. Unable to ditch existing Assistant Manager on new game start
  156. A few issues with my FM 2012 game
  157. Why does no one want goalkeepers without a club?
  158. Issues with fee paid after x number of league appearances
  159. Contract length for offer restricted after selling player
  160. Board restrictions
  161. Barcelona and Barcelona B Transfer Policey Issues
  162. Player renegotiating contract for less money and contract type not allowed
  163. Can't offer contract. Can't withdraw offer. Can't continue.
  164. Contract Negotiations
  165. Player / Staff won't negotiate even with unrealistic transfers filtered
  166. Players stuck on loan
  167. Highest Earners Moving to lower wages after 20 games etc.,,
  168. [12.0.3] Board unhappy with player sale - it was an agreed transfer when I joined the club
  169. 12.0.3 Boardroom Bug: new contract
  170. Budget Bug
  171. Transfer Brazilian player to french club in june
  172. Can't offer players on my "B" side
  173. Unrealistic Scout wage demands
  174. U19s sign pro contract I didn't offer
  175. Squad Registration For Player I Do Not Own
  176. min fee release clause bug
  177. Problem with Contracts for Players
  178. Contract Offer Bug via Scout screen.
  179. Contract/Training issue
  180. Game is stuck on transfer deadline day
  181. Contract bug???????
  182. Signing Coaches
  183. Insane agent demand after locking parts of a contract.
  184. Can't loan players until end of the season for free
  185. [12.0.4] Athletic club interested in non-basque player
  186. Non-Contract Issue (Back-Up Squad Status)
  187. Stuck at contract negotiation
  188. Keeping your Non-Contract players
  189. Can we have more than a day before coaches approached by other clubs leave.
  190. Cannot offer any player a contact
  191. Ownership problem - game stuck
  192. Assistant Manager offering contracts to U23 players when the box is unticked.
  193. Contract negotiations problem
  194. Wrong transfer cost shown
  195. English Clubs Can Sign Pre Contracts Six Months Before From Other English Sides?
  196. English Non-League Contracts
  197. International Appearance clause
  198. Permanently transfer listed by request
  199. MLS can't see what the offer is
  200. Multiple scouting reports?
  201. MLS: Designated Player contracts.
  202. International Management Bug....
  203. Impossibile rinnovare i contratti dei giocatori oppure acquistarne altri in scadenza
  204. Rinnovo Contratti
  205. Can't sell players in my B team
  206. offering my non-contract player a part time contract
  207. percentage of transfer revenue calculated wrong?
  208. Part Time Contracts
  209. Players Not Interested in Joining Feeder Club
  210. Bug ? - Transfer / Wage Budget change mid of season
  211. Player ask value skyrocketing when his league is not set as playable
  212. [12.0.4] Player not interested in a new contract unhappy at trying to be sold?
  213. Scottish Football: Contract/Training Bug
  214. Trev from Soccer AM
  215. After season new contract problem ?
  216. Exagerated^prices for some players
  217. Scottish Clubs - part time staff contracts not working properly
  218. A few errors
  219. Few Suggestions to update the transfer system for future games
  220. Problem offering non-contract players part-time contracts (fully patched)
  221. Retired from professional football
  222. Spanish league "B" Team manager doesn't handle transfer offers
  223. Wage after X games clause VS Wage equal to most paid clause BUG
  224. Stuck on transfer message
  225. Unable to offer a contract to a free agent?
  226. contract negotation dont work
  227. Young players still considering contracts???
  228. Previously agreed terms
  229. All players suddenly want non-contracts instead of part-time
  230. Part-Time contract offered
  231. Contract Bug
  232. confused agent
  233. Queen's Park (Scotland)
  234. Can't sign non-contract players
  235. Appearance Bug
  236. Transfer Budget Miscalculation Bug
  237. Contract, appearance rase bug
  238. Agent wants a 9 million fee for a 120k player i've had a bid accepted on!!!
  239. Transfer time changed?
  240. [12.0.4] bidding for player
  241. Duplicate player
  242. Player unhappy because not allowed to hold talks even tough I refused to make an offer
  243. Regens demanding key-player and 12.000 pounds or more
  244. Contract offers removed by game
  245. Salaries bug
  246. Can't offer contracts!!
  247. Contract request is not changing.
  248. Agents
  249. Contract bug
  250. All of my out of soon to be contact players do not want to negotiate.