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  1. [Demo Version] Text string bug in Competitions column
  2. Writing going black and jumping during matches.
  3. Club Record screen
  4. [Demo] Home Team Motivation
  5. FM12 Demo: Opposition Instructions by position not working properly
  6. [Demo Version] Tactical overview not reflecting Team instructions
  7. [Demo Version] Tactic analysis incorrect formation when opposition down to 10 men
  8. Minusing down FM12
  9. Competition Ranking Bug
  10. Text entry field issues
  11. Currency shown in different value format
  12. [Demo Version] Must exit TV view to continue game after the match.
  13. [Demo version] Capital letters with diacritics look silly
  14. No Y-Axis Labels in League History Graphs means no way to read values
  15. Transfer Budget Season vs. Remaining has formatting discrepency
  16. Team Report Tactics Analysis shows inconsistent faced/used time
  17. Incorrect Team Display
  18. (i) in training overview
  19. Match Report - Teams in wrong order
  20. Undo Tatics / Coaches Shooting Schedule
  21. Match comparrison bug
  22. [Demo] Player names disappearing in Tactics screen
  23. Switched language, Tooltip still (partly) in old language
  24. Monitor selection and window control
  25. [Demo Version] Player value not formatted
  26. No graphics
  27. [Demo] How many days til next game indicator missing from fixtures screen subpanel
  28. Missing Player Details
  29. [Demo] Link-bug in "past winners" regarding two host countries
  30. Able to retry team talks until you find one that works
  31. [Demo version] Match ratings disappear at half time
  32. [Demo] Various things about layout
  33. Player numbers not updated
  34. Transfer Notification Icon Error
  35. [demo] kolo toure's suspension not visible anywhere
  36. International duty instructions bug
  37. Back button on mouse not always registering
  38. [FM12 Demo] Negative Attendance Value's
  39. National Player report bug
  40. Adding players to Corner Takers
  41. Missing report on own players
  42. [Demo] Cannot set an imported tactic as Backup immediately
  43. backup tactic
  44. Custom Fixtures View
  45. Reports tab should be greyed out if no scouting report is present
  46. No budget adjustment slider.
  47. Faces
  48. [DEMO] Minor kits question (Huge in overview vs small in info screen)
  49. Windowed Mode
  50. Club world championship (CWC)
  51. [Demo] Player popup info working unreliably in customized squad screen & why no stars
  52. [Demo 2012] International Instructions - "Set all to" button
  53. [Demo Version] Player Profile Reports viewing problem
  54. Player's profile screen displays duplicates
  55. not a bug, just an annoying change - squad registration
  56. Add Manager Existing Profile Menu Bug
  57. [Demo] Clock shows 20:45 after the conclusion of a 19:45 kick off
  58. minimised panels should have a "+" not a "-"
  59. Lack of choices in World Player of Year
  60. FM12 Tactics Creator
  61. [Demo] Strange glitch (yellow rectangle or something) when saving notes.
  62. Incorrect scores on International Match Reports
  63. Select Playmaker/ Target Man - Team Instructions
  64. Tactics screen - missing links
  65. Continue Game Button
  66. Team Playing Missing
  67. [Demo] Widwscreen laptop issue
  68. Missing player info
  69. Goalkeeper season stats shows goals scored rather than goals conceded
  70. National Team squad numbers for friendlies and qualifiers.
  71. Skin Color changes not saving
  72. Few minor Issues
  73. Attributes Changes
  74. [Demo] Player in 1st and 2nd place on strength overview screen!
  75. Fixture list filter
  76. [DEMO] Match Preparation bars.
  77. [Demo] Salary per year
  78. FM12 Height, Weight & Preferred foot - missing data.
  79. Results wrong on Club Overview against Fixture List
  80. Availability on player attributes page
  81. Match pausing when minimised
  82. Righ-click to change players training schedule
  83. Returning to your minimised FM Session
  84. [Demo] No option for assistant to pick team on tactics screen
  85. Demo 2012 manager picture issue
  86. HT Rating Not appearing
  87. Can't find nominate playmaker in classic tactics
  88. [Demo Version] Duplicate Name column on squad list not removable
  89. View Key Attributes Feature
  90. Reports for Loaned Players
  91. EDIT Columns
  92. match day info-players ratings, list all muddled up!
  93. Missing player info in attributes panel
  94. Duplicate team selection
  95. Missing staff attributes
  96. [FM2012 Demo Version] - Squad Screen - Custom View - New Position
  97. FM12 Demo: Match Prep. Focus Stuck on Defend Set Pieces
  98. Why do i have to change players when choosing new starting tactics
  99. [FM12 Demo] No outstanding transfers in transfer centre, count in menu bar still reads '1'
  100. Scout report bug
  101. MLS Waiver Draft
  102. FM12: Copying FM11 tactics into FM12 causes lag in tactics area
  103. Match Day Experience Setting
  104. Bug or it was meant to be?
  105. attribute colour change in preferences wont save
  106. issue when clicking on player attributes
  107. Error with stats
  108. Squad Registration
  109. Text is unclear (font size/kerning)
  110. Skins, Pictures and Backgrounds.
  111. "Back" doesn't return to where you were
  112. Exchange Player Button
  113. Search View mode resets to default
  114. clicking on "attributes" on a player
  115. Cannot use 'shout' during the game!
  116. [Russian] Player Attribute Sorting
  117. Affiliate Clubs screen - wrong club displayed in Information Summary
  118. Widgets in 3D is acting weird
  119. Player Value
  120. 'Submit Team' button didn't work. info on how i got it working and also recreated, inside.
  121. Potential Bug In Germany
  122. Click to see evolution of attributes doesn't stay on.
  123. Biography Bug
  124. Changed attribute colors, newgen portraits vanish.
  125. For player-coach, Information 'pop up' defaults to player attribs in staff screen
  126. [FM2012.0.2] Not able to scroll detail level screen
  127. Missing Player Information Bar On Player Attributes
  128. Strange Yellow Dot After My Manager Name Ingame
  129. Bug or Design? Players changing positions when you have more than 1 tactic training
  130. Pre-match instructions
  131. Next match - team name missing
  132. Substitution + tactic swap bug
  133. FT Rating not always appearing
  134. Player profile views
  135. Can't drag and drop players for set pieces and penalties
  136. Attribute issues
  137. Links to something useless
  138. Mouse back/forward button issues
  139. Not really a bug, but available for loan when player is out on loan!
  140. Shooting training not showing up in schedules
  141. Player attributes show up for a millisecond during a match
  142. Training flaw in windowed mode
  143. [12.0.2] Players not being added to shortlist when scouting via 'player search'
  144. U19 playing wrong formation, with the wrong coach
  145. Training screen tabs. doesn'tupdate when making changes and flicking between them.
  146. Non-Contract to Part-Time
  147. Assistant loan report (new problem?)
  148. Mac & Windows Differences
  149. Problem with the filterlist (I hope it's called that)
  150. Fixtures have disappeared
  151. Fm2012 Team selection overview no pitch preview
  152. Yellow Dots?
  153. Team Report Match Assists / games played bug
  154. Saved team selections issue
  155. Breadcrumbs Dissappears After ALT + TAB'ing.
  156. Add first manager -> Preferences
  157. backroom staff meeting. when a coach tells you a player is unhappy with their training.
  158. FM Display Bug
  159. Inconsistencies?
  160. Cant get past team selection
  161. Training Schedule and Scouting bug
  162. Attributes
  163. Font help for FM12, please help
  164. No prefered foot or estimated value
  165. Continuous news item asking me to setup the match preparation
  166. Fixtures Bug
  167. [12.0.3] Post match referee rating missing (once)
  168. Average Rating
  169. Attributes Changes Arrows Dissapear.
  170. Suspended for competitions according to player info, but 0 yellows/reds
  171. No players attributes showing!!!
  172. 'Formation' view of a previous game showing incorrect kit colours.
  173. Tactic swap when going to the match
  174. Team selection save error
  175. Preferred Move filter in player search
  176. Coach not appearing in "Training" tab
  177. Can't amend tactics
  178. Back and Forward buttons...
  179. Awful Lag in Player Search Screen
  180. Squad Select Filter Bug for U20
  181. Wrong competition displaying at Fixtures
  182. Little weird boxes next to one regen name
  183. Reserve player availiability bug
  184. Wrong match header in match screen
  185. Staff Search - Wage Filter
  186. Players value bug at atributes window! Help, please!
  187. nothing showing up on attributes screen since patch
  188. Resolution issue
  189. Fixture list filter shows competitions from last year
  190. Win by penalties not showing up in fixtures
  191. Opposition Instructions Disappearing
  192. Unable to access all selected leagues in detail screen
  193. [12.0.3] Calendar bar problem displaying events past new year switch
  194. 2 interface bugs; under 19 squad and player search
  195. Training workload shown differently in two places
  196. Can't move a specific player to Affliate
  197. coach recommendations screen. buttons go off the side of the middle panel
  198. "Instructions" tab blanked out
  199. Tactics
  200. Tactics Formations keep changing positions
  201. match preparation training
  202. Problem with shortcuts and skin colours
  203. Attributes Problem
  204. player attibute changes dissapearing
  205. Slow navigation from screen to screen
  206. Players stats screen doesn't work properly
  207. [12.0.3] Opposition instructions by position sometimes doesn't respond to scrolling
  208. Squad player names dissapear
  209. Player value format?
  210. Figure formats
  211. Staff search - staff role condition
  212. U23 button shows U19 squad
  213. I dont know how tall the players are?!? wtf ;)
  214. password reset
  215. password reset
  216. Player info does not show
  217. FM 2012 bottom tab
  218. training schedules disorganized
  219. Viewing the fixtures
  220. Player ratings issue
  221. Color settings resetting each patch
  222. Wrong next opposition being display
  223. Dropdown menus on the calendar bar
  224. [Demo] Match Details
  225. Staff left but still in staff screen.
  226. Correct number of stars not displaying in Scout's Reports
  227. Physio working for two clubs
  228. Report bug
  229. Team Policy Scouting
  230. Player attributes disappearing
  231. Stack of red cards in the match progress bar
  232. In Game Logo disappear
  233. In-Game Logos / Pictures Disappeared after 12.0.4
  234. Appearances and goals not showing correctly on squad screen
  235. Missing items on tactics screen
  236. Inbox error
  237. Unable to rest multiple players?
  238. USA player announcement in Inbox
  239. order of player list in live-widget is wrong
  240. 12.0.4 HOME SCREEN: custom layout not saved / reset after save game load
  241. Report panel bug
  242. after loading game no "recent attribute changes"
  243. Team selection screen UI bug problem with sorting
  244. Graphics/Skin Problem
  245. Best Eleven broken, game crash imminent?
  246. Major UI problem
  247. First team players appear in under 19s
  248. Missing Database size options and playable leagues on startup
  249. Isn't the match fitness percentage supposed to correlate with the description?
  250. Problem with japan players