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  1. [FM09] FC United - There's Only One Team in Manchester
  2. [FM09] SE Brazlândia - Bringing Glory to Brasília
  3. [FM09] Dartford F.C. - Light at the End of the Tunnel
  4. FM Careers Forum Discussion
  5. [FM09] A United Kingdom Journey + American Samoan dream
  6. [FM09] Manchester United - Europe's Trophy Capital
  7. [FM09] ATLETICO PARANAENSE - The Youth System Thread
  8. READ ME FIRST : FM Career Updates Rules
  9. [FM09] Nantwich Town - Bigger than Crewe
  10. [FM09] From Hong Kong With Love
  11. [FM08] Knockbreda F.C - 1 Man. 3,000 Dreams
  12. [FM09] Feyenoord Supportersvereniging
  13. [FM09] My Career: The Forgotten Half of Manchester
  14. Mod Requests
  15. [FM09] Shamrock Rovers- 15 Leagues and 24 Cups
  16. [FM09] Unemployment; peter-evo style
  17. [FM09] A Team Called Bengeo Tigers
  18. [FM09] An Anfield Adventure, that started in a Geordie Nightmare
  19. [FM09] A Multi-Continental Escapade
  20. [FM09] Benfica: Growing the stars of world football
  21. [FM09] Crazy Canuck on an International Managerial Tour
  22. [FM09] Los Indigos to finally win the battle of Madrid?
  23. [FM09] "I am the Walrus" - A Liverpool Career
  24. [FM09] South American Career
  25. [FM09] Fat Brazilian on Tour
  26. [FM09] São José - The worst team in Brazil?
  27. [FM09] Chelsea FC - The Rebuilding Project
  28. [FM09] The Gate is Open for other Avenues....
  29. [FM09] Twenty years in Italy
  30. [FM09] Stop, Hammer Time!
  31. [FM09] My LL career
  32. [FM09] Return of a Legend
  33. [FM09] 67 years in Italy en still going Strong
  34. [FM09] An Eastern European Experience
  35. [FM09] Chelsea FC - Rebirth Post Mourinho
  36. [FM09] Juventude - The Power of Youth
  37. [FM09] The Lions of Teranga/ The Seasiders.
  38. [FM09] Climbing That Long, Long Ladder
  39. [FM09] From Unwanted to Reading
  40. [FM09] The Blue and White Army
  41. [FM09] Lee Mackie - Achiever or Quitter
  42. [FM09] Pompous Pompey (first timer, please be gentle)
  43. [FM09] 'He's Had More Clubs Than Tiger Woods...': A European Escapade
  44. [FM09] Arsenal - The Jeremy English Era
  45. [FM09] Three Lions on the Shirt
  46. [FM09] The Rise of Cowdenbeath
  47. [FM09] The Boys From Brazil - Fluminense
  48. [FM09] A Corking Team to Manage - The Cork City Story
  49. [FM09] Juve got to be kidding?!?
  50. [FM09] It Began In Africa
  51. [FM09] Norwegian Viking ~ Reaching for the Stars
  52. [FM09] From Unknown American to World's Best???
  53. [FM09] Beachparty FC (the continuation)
  54. [FM09] Stoke City - carried in Delap's arms.
  55. [FM09] Celtic FC - The Spirit of 67
  56. [FM09] East Belfast- Not Exactly A Big Club
  57. [FM09] Journeys into league 2 and... beyond!
  58. [FM09] An Argentine Adventure
  59. [FM08]Albert Foundry, the Northern Irish adventure. Damn you Linfield!!
  60. [FM09] Pirates Adventure - Bristol Rovers F.c
  61. [FM09] Pescara - The Dolphins - Swim or Sink
  62. [FM09] Maidstone - The rise through the English leagues
  63. [FM09] From the bottom of Hong Kong to European greatness?
  64. [FM09] Chelsea Chelsea We Believe
  65. [FM09] The Other Red Side of Manchester - Featuring Bernard Brennan
  66. [FM09] my managerial career
  67. [FM09] Ipswich Town - Passion, Purpose & Pride
  68. [FM09] It all starts in Sevilla
  69. [FM09] Best Of British.
  70. [FM09] Minnows Of Europe
  71. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?
  72. [FM09] FC United of Manchester
  73. [FM09] Paul Northfields Man Utd game
  74. [FM09] S.S. Lazio - The biancocelesti.
  75. [FM09] i want to more
  76. [FM09] The Brazilian Walrus ~ Paixão do Futebol
  77. [FM09] The Blue and White Army
  78. [FM09] The Journeyman - An FM 2009 Career
  79. [FM09] Forest Green Rovers
  80. [FM09] A career in Northern Ireland
  81. [FM09] The Merry Millers - A BSP Adventure
  82. [FM09] A journey through management
  83. [FM09] My career - From the Algarve to... Derbyshire? Wait, is that right?...
  84. [FM09] 香港 - Pearl of the Orient
  85. [FM09] The Roar of the Tiger
  86. [FM09] Singing the blues with Billericay
  87. [FM09] This is the..... European Adventure
  88. [FM09] Life after Ronaldo
  89. [FM09] Oh When The Saints....
  90. [FM09] Villarreal Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. - We All Live In a Yellow Submarine
  91. [FM09] "The Students of Santander - A Mexican Masterclass"
  92. [FM09] In Maidenhead No One Can Hear You Dream
  93. [FM09] Unemployment to Top Flight Football
  94. [FM09] Is there life after relegation for Newcastle
  95. [FM09] A Season in a night!
  96. [FM09] I got bored . . .
  97. [FM09] Omez Robtrachenko takes on Europe...
  98. [FM09] Celtic F.C - back to their Scottish roots
  99. [FM09] The Forgotten Half of Manchester
  100. [FM09] Chilean Hoops?
  101. [FM09] “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.”
  102. [FM09] The (mainly South) American Dream
  103. [FM09] Tales From The Frozen North
  104. [FM09] Havant and Wartelooville dont need a youth system
  105. [FM09] I, Raware...
  106. [FM09] In Brugge
  107. [FM09] Leeds United - Revolution
  108. [FM09] My England Career
  109. [FM09] Crystal Palace, February the 14th 2005, History was made....
  110. [FM09] A Tale Of Two Saxons
  111. [FM09] OM - Sponsored by Hatem Ben Arfa's Eyebrows.
  112. [FM09] "Around The World with 3 friends."
  113. [FM09] A 2010 European Adventure...
  114. [FM09] Accrington Stanley? Who Are They?
  115. [FM09] Toadi: The Worldwide Manager
  116. [FM08] Don't cry for me Argentina
  117. [FM09] My Manchester City Football Club 2030/2031
  118. [FM09] A Journey at Goodison
  119. [FM09] Easiest fixtures for the start of a PL Season?
  120. [FM09] Two great careers
  121. [FM09] It's not plain sailing
  122. [FM08] Dungiven Celtic - N. Ireland's biggest threat since Knockbreda
  123. [FM09] Not Just Park Football.
  124. [FM09] Eastleigh story
  125. [FM09] Liechtenstein National Team
  126. [FM09] Central European Runaround
  127. [FM09] Rochdale F.C A Tale Of Courage
  128. [FM09] Working With Peanuts - A Northern Irish manager's Southampton experience
  129. [FM09] From Grass Roots to the Best of the Best
  130. [FM09] New Kid On The Block
  131. Career Updates Forum Mini Updates Thread
  132. [FM09] LUFC - return to the top?
  133. [FM09] Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....
  134. [FM09] Tales from the Galpharm
  135. [FM09] Santos - Rebuilding a Legend
  136. [FM10] Pro Vercelli - restoring former glories mkII
  137. [FM10] "Waking the sleeping giant"
  138. [FM10] Arsenal Career - more youth than a nursery!
  139. [FM10] Freedom for Tooting & Mitcham!
  140. [FM10] Billericay Town F.C. - The Norwegian Blues!
  141. [FM10] My Call for Assistance
  142. [FM10] Sandgrounders to Superstars
  143. [FM10] The New Adventures Of Lollujo
  144. [FM10] In the Clear Blue Skies over Edgeley
  145. [FM10] The Kids of Today
  146. [FM10] Around the world in 80 Years
  147. [FM10] Cardios Angels - A Tonbridge Angels Career
  148. [FM10] Z is for Zenit
  149. [FM10] A legend in the making?
  150. [FM10] Have football, will travel
  151. [FM10] Downham Town, who are they?... Exactly!!
  152. [FM10] The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro: Revisited
  153. [FM10] Retford United - Cannon to the Sky
  154. [FM10] Huddersfield Town - The journey begins!
  155. [FM10] A.C. Legnano - The relegation experts
  156. [FM10] No Smoke Without Fire
  157. [FM10] South Korea Has A WMD, A Brazilian "Yellow Hurricane"
  158. [FM10] Tales of a sunday leaguer's adventures in management...
  159. [FM10] Swindon Supermarine
  160. [FM10] The Dawning of a New Era
  161. [FM10] "You'll never win anything with kids"
  162. [FM10] All you Need is a Good Tin of Baked Beans.
  163. [FM10] Are you a real football manager?
  164. [FM10] The Long, Winding Road...
  165. [FM10] More Than 40 Years of Hurt..
  166. [FM10] Football Manager Makes Me Curze
  167. [FM10] Journeyman Career Game
  168. [FM10] Galatasaray Reign
  169. [FM10] Der Misters Teutonic Mission
  170. [FM10] Worcester Park - The rise from obscurity
  171. [FM10] European champs? You must be Woking!
  172. [FM10] One Step At A Time!!!
  173. [FM10] The Blunder From Down Under?
  174. [FM10] Rise Of The Aquile.
  175. [FM10] Arsenal - From Heroes to Zeros?
  176. [FM10] Dover Athletic - The LLM way
  177. [FM10] Merthyr Madness?
  178. [FM10] An Atletico Adventure - Featuring Unprecedented levels of Man Love
  179. [FM10] Crazy Canuck on Global Managerial Tour: Part Deux
  180. [FM10] From Nantwich to Newport: A career in the English leagues!
  181. [FM10] In it for the Long Haul
  182. [FM10] How Many Crooks Are Needed to Steal A Goal?
  183. [FM10] Frank? He Hate Me. Tales of an increasingly average manager.
  184. [FM10] To Gateshead, at least they'll take me!
  185. [FM10] From Highbury to a higher league - Fleetwood Town
  186. Ladies, Gentleman & Liechtensteiners unite. The European adventures of Eschen/Mauren
  187. [FM10] The Managerial Exploits of a Hawthorne
  188. [FM10] Making The Transition
  189. [FM10] Champions of Asia? No Fukien chance!
  190. [FM10] Roy of the Rovers
  191. [FM10] A Land Down Under - Man At Work
  192. [FM10] Bath City - The road to the Premiership
  193. [FM10] A Day Out at Vale Farm
  194. [FM10] Athletic - Simply the Basque!
  195. [FM10] Gateshead- Too long in the shadows
  196. [FM10] Bradford PA - The Green Army
  197. [FM10] Der Misters Teutonic Mission - redux
  198. [FM10] All Around The World
  199. [FM10] A Tour Of The Danube
  200. [FM10] This is a Tribute - DodgeeD's World Tour
  201. [FM10] Here. There. Everywhere.
  202. [FM10] 'Level 9 to the premiership?'
  203. [FM10] An Aussie Boy, Chasing His Dreams...
  204. [FM10] Dartmouth: Level 10 to the top!
  205. [FM10] As great a manager as Clough not yet but maybe.
  206. [FM10] No Ronaldo? No Tevez? No Chance?
  207. [FM10] Pro Vercelli - Bring Them Back To The Top
  208. [FM10] FC united- The REAL United.
  209. [FM10] Taking British jobs... (AFC Telford United)
  210. [FM10] Its all Greek to me
  211. [FM10] silly question
  212. [FM10] From unemployment in Brazil to European glory
  213. [FM10] Persma Manado: Indonesian Minnows to World Champions and Beyond!
  214. [FM10] Greenwich - the long road to the top
  215. [FM10] Roar like a lion and soar like an eagle
  216. [FM10] 1 way ticket around the world
  217. [FM10] Non League To Stardom in 10 years (Hopefully)
  218. [FM10] Tottenham- reliving the glory years.
  219. [FM10] To Oblivion and Beyond: Managing in Obscurity
  220. [FM10] International manager problem. HELP??
  221. [FM10] EINTRACHT FRANKFURT - We Hate Madrid
  222. [FM10] "Maltesers - the lighter way to enjoy football"
  223. [FM10] "From Bhoys to Men"
  224. [FM10] Croydon Municipal - Home, sweet Home.
  225. [FM10] Weah's he going next?...
  226. [FM10] The Light is Darkest before the Dawn
  227. [FM10] Crazy Canuck on Global Managerial Tour: Life Outside the Lower Leagues
  228. [FM10] Ello, ello, ello! What's all this football going on here then?
  229. [FM10] The Cracking Chelsmford City
  230. [FM10] Crouchy's Calcio Journeyman Save
  231. [FM09] Aston Villa (feels like it's 1981)
  232. FM10 - Valencia - Future Kings of Spain
  233. [FM10] A UK adventure
  234. [FM10] A Whole New World
  235. [FM10] It's the journey, not the arrival, that matters...
  236. [FM10] Runcorn Linnets... small drop in an ocean
  237. [FM10] The Happy Wanderer (or maybe not...)
  238. [FM10] Brining Home the Bacon (Danish of course)
  239. [FM10] Avoiding Relagation from the Prem?! - Charlton!
  240. [FM10] The fool wanders, the wise man travels
  241. [FM10] The conquest of the two thrones
  242. [FM10] A career in the British Isles
  243. [FM10] Back to Asia
  244. [FM10] sevilla :: could be champions of spain
  245. [FM10] Story of a terrible manager switching from FM08
  246. [FM10] Premier League pilgrimage for the Pilgrims!
  247. [FM10] The World Is My Oyster
  248. [FM10] These boots are made for walking
  249. [FM10] Goals, Goulash and... Dentistry?!
  250. [FM10] A Hometown Making History