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  1. [FM12]From Ålgård FK to...
  2. San Marino - The Ultimate Challenge!
  3. The First American Legend: Czeching In
  4. West Ham: Looking to the Summit
  5. Bromley FC (...And the Rest of the World)
  6. Journeyman - Where Money Really Does Talk
  7. [FM12] From Broads to Moors - A carrot crunchers quest into the unknown...
  8. Conquering England? It's like taking candy from a baby!
  9. The Damned Career Thread
  10. Hoppin' around Europe... for now.
  11. [Discussion Thread] - League reputations at game start
  12. A Journey From the Unknown Into the Obscure
  13. Le PSG - Pastore, Sakho and Gameiro.
  14. A career of (not so) epic proportions!
  15. ***He Who Does Not Travel Does Not Know The Value Of Men*** - iacovone's FM12 Career
  16. Norn Iron Filings
  17. So I think this will be a journeyman career thread?? by FPTP
  18. An FM Career - Now With Added Bitterness.
  19. Most obscure/exotic nation to manage in
  20. How hard could it be to start your own club? A FM2012 Story
  21. Youth Agent Sign Up
  22. A Spaniard in the Making...in Chicago
  23. BigVanVader's Journeyman Adventure
  24. The Road To Continental Dominance
  25. Journey of Two Manager Friends FM2012
  26. The Career of a hopeful
  27. Hoffenheim's fairytale to European success [FM 12]
  28. Working ton a Dream
  29. Start the Car-shalton
  30. Leicester City season starts...
  31. The Second Annual FMCU Awards! TONIGHT ONLY!
  32. Red Dawn: The Rise of Australian Football
  33. My Jalkapallokerho Face, My Ja-Jalkapallokerho Face - Finnish youth heading to the top!
  34. Here we go...
  35. [FM12]“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”
  36. The Thread That to Success Led or, Endless Meandering in Obscurity?
  37. Who's gonna hire me this time?
  38. Daves Adventure
  39. wilkos euro tour
  40. how to make a gd thread for a career update?
  41. the land of sunny spain
  42. One Man, One Dream and Five Champions Leagues
  43. My first season at the helm
  44. [FM12] Canadian travelling with a oddly checkered ball [journeyman FM12]
  45. [FM12] Southampton and a Return to Glory
  46. The Future Starts Here
  47. Calcio II: Catenaccio Reloaded
  48. A massive step back to re-build my career
  49. Nukufetau-A Tuvalu adventure
  50. The rise of the 5-0-5
  51. From Land's End to John o' Groats
  52. From zero to some form of hero
  53. [Discussion thread] Best layouts/formats for FMCU careers - from the readers point of view
  54. [FM11] - Loading every league at once, I must be insane!
  55. A perspective from the Veikkausliiga
  56. Up The Millers
  57. What a Frigg-ing place to start
  58. The Road To Glory
  59. My Career at Leamington
  60. My Story on YouTube (Gameplay/Commentary)
  61. Manchester United's biggest threat since Man City. [FM12]
  62. Project Iceland: Shooting for the Silverware Six, Wowing the World
  63. My Reading FC Career FM2011
  64. Bristol Manor Farm - From Farm to Fame
  65. FM11 "Spartans Story"
  66. The FM12 FMCU Dream Team!
  67. The FM12 FMCU Dream Team!
  68. Hampton & Richmond Borough F.C. - The sky is the limit
  69. Aston Villa: The Dream Job
  70. Starting out my career, advice needed, please
  71. [FM12] Working for Peanuts
  72. Andorra - World Domination the Hard Way
  73. One Welshman(A few pints and sleepless nights) V The World
  74. [FM11] Encouraging Youth from the weakest of Nations
  75. Stalybridge...(FM2011)
  76. FM Day
  77. Southampton Take Two
  78. A Yank Does The Globe
  79. Pharaohs? Great, I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt! Eh,... what other Pharaohs??
  80. [FM12] Become A Pro – story so far…
  81. These Things Take Time – FM12 Journeyman Career
  82. Just Another Journeyman...
  83. Wombling up the Football League with AFC Wimbledon
  84. 'Tails for Wales always fails"
  85. I can't think of a title pun, but I'm playing with Hall Road Rangers FC
  86. "The Angels are as perfect in form as they are in spirit." - Jeanne D'Arc
  87. The Brazilian Walrus ~ Paixão do Futebol
  88. Around the World with a Footballing Nobody
  89. A Journeyman Thread - You Know The Score
  90. Famous Manager to Make Comeback
  91. SK Vard Haugesund - Give the Youth a Chance - FM12 Version
  92. "Suck on my Brazil Nuts"
  93. Beautiful Game. Are you watching the same match?
  94. Tomorrow, The Sun Will Rise and Set... The Rest Is Up For Grabs
  95. The Jounry of a Liechtensteiner
  96. A noob goes to Lincoln
  97. My Luton Adventure
  98. Anyone seen the toilets? I need a KooTeePee. [FM11 Career]
  99. Dave On Tour
  100. From the terraces to the top...hopefully!
  101. Red Dawn: The Rise of Australian Football
  102. Red Dawn: The Rise of Australian Football
  103. Red Dawn: The Rise of Australian Football
  104. You Have To Be In It To Win It
  105. Wandering around the globe
  106. FM11: Stay away from that Trap door...
  107. "If you're not willing to risk it all, then you don't want it bad enough"
  108. I need to delete old saved tactics, got too many. Bugs me!
  109. Stay away from that Trap(ani) door: an Italian lower league adventure
  110. The Haarlem Globe Trotter.
  111. Boston United - Confrence North to the Champions League (fingers crossed!)
  112. Around The World - C-Mon's MegaGame
  113. Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine
  114. Havant & Waterlooville F.C
  115. Every artist was first an amateur - Rising through the ranks!
  116. Travelling Around Europe
  117. Move aside, Barcelona.
  118. What would Martin do?
  119. Hampton & Richmond Borough F.C. - The Journey to the Top Begins
  120. Texas Flood
  121. Across the pond and back again
  122. Come-Bye: Controlling the Herd.
  123. Swinburn: Around The World
  124. A Fresh Start For Everyone: Free Transfer Database
  125. Any Port in a Storm or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Managing Around the World
  126. There'll be Blood at the Butchers on a Saturday afternoon
  127. [FM10] From the bottom of England to the top with Bengal Tigers - 24 Divisions!
  128. Earning my Spurs at the Lane
  129. SRL88's FM12 Journeyman Career
  130. An adventure to Continental Dominance
  131. 'Your Players make money, Our players make History'
  132. Sporting Clube... Zurich?
  133. Stay away from that trap door vol 2: an English lower league adventure
  134. Move aside, Barcelona (version two)
  135. "I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one."
  136. I sacked the Creative Director as he couldn't find a suitable title for this one
  137. Starting from the bottom
  138. Back To My Roots...
  139. "I want to be Forever Young"
  140. King's Lynn Town: Rising from the Ashes
  141. Complete Unknown to Continental Throne
  142. Pushing the PC to the limit once again!
  143. The Worst Team in Ireland.
  144. Mr Nobody to Mr Somebody (hopefully)
  145. The Red Army
  146. I'm Just Flamers From The Bloc.
  147. Focus On The Journey, Not The Destination - My FM12 Global Expedition
  148. S.C. Farense - Southern Revolution..hopefully
  149. Neath Neath Neath
  150. Der BVB Dreams
  151. On the road again (Journeyman)
  152. Slovakian adventure - SFM Senec
  153. Chester F.C. - A view from Bumpers Lane
  154. Galatasaray - The Quest to take over Europe
  155. Get the map out love, were off to Europe.
  156. A Career In Detail - Tubey's Odyssey
  157. A simple career for a simple man...
  158. To Blyth And Beyond!
  159. My eyes are my favorite part of me. Not for how they look, but how they see.
  160. MrMountainDewar's Pentagon Challenge.
  161. Travelling the World in the Hotseat that is Football Management
  162. "If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well."
  163. The Lions Roaring to the top
  164. Saving The Club I Love
  165. Going out with a bang
  166. 'Lessons in Calcio' - Crouchy, Facci Sognare!
  167. The FMCU Forum Quiz 2012!
  168. I can't be a Diamond, but my career can.
  169. TWalsh on a Worldwide Tour
  170. Zombies by their very nature are inconsistent, they're a mishmash of different bits.
  171. Football Manager Chronicles [2012] - The Seapatrick Years
  172. Hometown 'Hero'
  173. Carwash Review: Pimping my FM Blog
  174. Jan Cuijpers Epic European Adventure
  175. No tactical knowledge, man management, or footballing ability! Perfect.
  176. FM12: The Only Way Is Up
  177. Manchester City Going To The Top (AGAIN)
  178. [FM11] A Curious Case of Jesus Navas
  179. Revival of a Once Proud Club
  180. mshort22's Attempt At A Journeyman Career
  181. An Australian Abroad
  182. The Bridge of Sighs: F.B.C. Unione Venezia
  183. To the top and beyond- West Ham FM12
  184. Custom Database Test - World Nations League
  185. Database options for long-term journeyman career?
  186. Helping Fellow Man - An Isle of Man Challenge
  187. Journeymen Series- Who will it be?
  188. All aboard the 'SS If This Save Fails I'm Going Back To FM07'
  189. From Job centre to World Cup Final
  190. Welcome to FK FK Mjølner!
  191. FM12 - Mali Koi's managerial adventure!
  192. A Dazzling Career (Well, Maybe...)!
  193. Decisions decisions; my first great save
  194. The Welsh Barcelona: Carmarthen Town
  195. Glory, Glory, Andorra
  196. FM12 - unknown Kuwaiti manager, from Malasyia to become World Class ?!
  197. Aiming for Auckland but missed by quite some way
  198. A Noob's Journey into Lower League Management
  199. Dear Mr Moxey...
  200. How Far to Asgaard? (Take 2)
  201. Castilla to Real Madrid (hopefully) via England, France Germany and Italy (maybe)
  202. FM12 - Being a Journeyman
  203. FM12 Parkera Cadiz Journeyman Career
  204. "If you don’t believe you can win, there is no point trying to make it then"
  205. Im Elmo and i know it! - A career across Europe
  206. FMCU United!!
  207. Trilderos' European Adventure
  208. My European Journey
  209. Stories Of A Mediocre Manager
  210. The new sensation is coming! Tune in to find out more!
  211. My FM12 Career.... where did I start?
  212. Langangen - Norwegian Youth from the tiniest of villages!
  213. From Level 14 to Level 1? No sweat!
  214. Tomtuck's First FM Career Adventure
  215. Visiting The Candy Rock - St. Roch's F.C. - Scottish Youth
  216. [FM07] Waking the Sleeping Giant
  217. Start at the bottom - Finish at the top?
  218. If I as Arsene wenger this is what i would do....
  219. Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory
  220. My New career! (boring title I know)
  221. Vauxhall Motors
  222. This was a one club save, but then I got sacked after just 17 games!
  223. Behind The Curtain : My Eastern European Expedition
  224. [FM12] Obafemi Sunday - Explore the world
  225. Being a manager is hard, maybe I should of just worked at McDonalds.
  226. The Ultimate Challenge - From Level 14 to the Premier League
  227. [FM12] - The long and winding road...
  228. manutdfan's journey man career
  229. The Academy (FM10)
  230. Dustin Powers: International Manager of Mystery
  231. [FM11]Deltablue Rising II: Delta's Darlings.
  232. Kangaroo Jack, bringing management down under!
  233. Bristol City - Only one more rung to go
  234. [FM11]Slavojkia must be a hell of a place!
  235. We're blue and white and play alright: C2 to Serie A
  236. Black and red we're Italians, born and bred!
  237. On the Ball, City!
  238. laBOMBA's World Class Journey
  239. danger_mouse's Journeyman Career!
  240. Welsh Wizard's Journeyman Career
  241. The FMCU 'Venting Your Spleen' Thread
  242. FMCU's All-Time Hall of Fame (and Shame!)
  243. I'm an Englishman in Scotland
  244. Moneyballing around the world
  245. PH71's Journey - featuring The Alphabet Challenge
  246. When january transfer updates will arrive
  247. For Club and Country - Patriot or Preposterous?
  248. Jupiler League and beyond...
  249. Rise Up, Rise Up; From The Bottom All The Way To The Top - My First FMCU Journeyman Career
  250. Vanuata Who?